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Minecraft Legends – How to Find the Firsts


In Minecraft Legends, players can enlist a vast array of unusual creatures, such as former adversaries turned allies like Skeletons and Creepers as well as numerous new golems like Mossy and Cobblestone golems. But when you charge into battle, you’ll want these four legendary units on your side. These four enormous golems, collectively referred to as “The First,” possess strong skills that can quickly change the course of a conflict. You may learn how to locate the firsts in Minecraft Legends by reading this article:

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What are the Firsts in Minecraft Legends?

The players must awaken the formidable and ancient Firsts mobs. When players encounter a First for the first time, the Hosts will explain that they are old friends of theirs. Although players can summon strong mobs to aid them, the Firsts are especially strong.

Minecraft Legends - How to Find the Firsts

These monsters will support players in combat and remain by their side indefinitely, provided they are not defeated, when they enlist the Firsts. They will immediately receive at the Well of Fate or a nearby village fountain if they fall during fight. Players can get them back on the squad by rallying them from either location.

How to Find the Firsts

There are no certain places where the First spawn in Minecraft Legends because the worlds are formed at random, however you should be aware of something called question marks. One of three things will happen to the points of interest marked with a question mark on your map when you investigate it: either a tower, a special passive mob, or the First will appear there.

Minecraft Legends - How to Find the Firsts

You can easily identify the areas you should be searching for on the map since the sections you haven’t yet investigated will be substantially darker than the rest of it.

What did every First do in Minecraft Legends?

At this point, all you really need to know is how each of them fights:

  • First of Stone – Throws boulders at targets
  • First of Diorite – Spawns random golems to fight in your army
  • First of Brick – Turns itself into a wall to protect against projectiles
  • First of Oak – Shoots explosive projectiles at targets

Minecraft Legends Wake the Firsts Improvement

The guardians will tell you to go back to the Well of Fate and make the Wake the Firsts Improvement when you find the remains of a First. To rebuild all four of these titans, you only need one, and building it requires 100 Gold and 100 Prismarine.

Minecraft Legends - How to Find the Firsts

After you’ve built it, go back to the Firsts’ locations—which you can find on the in-game map—and use the required resources to make a new companion. Although carrying extra resources shouldn’t be necessary to revive them, having more Gold is usually beneficial.


What is the best first in Minecraft Legends?

In Minecraft Legends, the First of Stone is the greatest unit. You will be well on your way to finally defeating the piglins once and for all if you can call upon it and command it throughout the entire universe. It really is that excellent. The Stone one has to be the most useful of all the Firsts.

Who is the strongest legend in Minecraft?

Warrior: With the highest damage output of any unit, warriors are the most formidable mob in Minecraft Legends. Additionally, since players may gather this mob from villages, they don’t cost resources, allowing them to consistently increase the strength of their army.

How do you hold 200 Iron in Minecraft Legends?

For instance, players will need to construct more replicas of the “Improvement: gather Iron” at the Well in order to store more iron. When constructed, each resource-gathering enhancement increases storage capacity by 150. If the player so chooses, this cap can be raised further by stacking the enhancements many times.

What is the best golem in Minecraft Legends?

Because they have the ability to stun and fling foes into the air, grindstone golems are incredibly useful. They also work incredibly well against mobs that are based in range.

What is the first golem in Minecraft Legends?

First of Brick, First of Oak, First of Diorite, and First of Stone are the four First Golems that can be found in Minecraft Legends.