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Minecraft Legends – How to Get Power Tower


Power Towers are strong buildings dotted over the Overworld in Minecraft Legends. Players can obtain unique cores from these towers to create new construction recipes that fortify their forces against Piglin armies. In Minecraft Legends, normal base fortifications are quite effective, but ferocious piglin raids will eventually breach some of them. You may learn how to obtain a power tower in Minecraft Legends by reading this article:

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What are Power Towers?

Depending on the one you create, Power Towers are unusual constructions that enhance standard base defenses with a range of special benefits. They won’t be able to repel the piglin horde on their own, but they will make it much simpler for friendly mobs and Arrow Towers to eliminate opponents.

How to Get Power Tower

Minecraft Legends - How to Get Power Tower

You must first obtain the Collect Power Towers upgrade at the Well of Fate to locate and utilize Power Towers. As its name suggests, this upgrade lets you gather Power Towers and their cores. It costs 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine. After that, you’ll have to look throughout Overworld for Frost, Blast, and Stun Towers to gather.

From what we’ve observed, Blast Towers are typically found in biomes like Dry Savannah or Badlands, Frost Towers are found in frigid climates like Tundras, and Stun Towers are typically found in biomes with a lot of vegetation, like forests or swamps. Look for a question mark on your map (see below) or compass while you seek in these locations, then proceed to it.

Minecraft Legends - How to Get Power Tower

This will most likely be a Power Tower, but it might be one of the First Golems or the residence of a mount you haven’t yet found. When you locate a Power Tower, you must dismantle it and gather 100 Gold. You will obtain the tower’s core once your allays destroy it; this is one of the components you’ll need to rebuild it at one of your bases.

Lastly, add the Frost, Blast, or Stun Towers to your hotbar by selecting them from the Structures tab in your Songbook. Another thing to remember is that piglins can destroy any tower you create, so utilize and arrange them carefully. If they do, you will lose them all forever.


What are host towers in Minecraft Legends?

An extremely potent building that players of Minecraft Legends can eventually access is known as the “Blast Tower.” The destructive explosive missiles fired by this strong host tower can go a considerable distance, but neighboring support structures cannot strengthen them.

Where is the stun tower in Minecraft Legends?

Building “Improvement: Build Power Towers” in multiplayer mode will grant players access to the Stun Tower for 400 Stone and 600 Coal, for a cost of 200 Stone and 120 Prismarine.

Can you build a house in Minecraft Legends?

When the game first launches, players will be prompted to build an improvement called “Gather Iron.” This Improvement not only makes it possible to acquire Iron and build spawners for Grindstone and Mossy Golems, but it also makes it possible to build Wellhouses.

What is the best first in Minecraft Legends?

One of the best First of Mobs in the game is The First of Stone. This mob is capable of both giving and receiving a thrashing. It may quickly clear an area by hurling massive stones at adversaries.