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Wild Hearts – How to Use Bow


In Wild Hearts, one can find numerous weapons that are each beneficial in different ways. The range of weapons that players can use is one of the game’s most captivating features. With a plethora of unusual and lethal weapons at their disposal, players can hunt Kemonos in the game with everything from enormous greatswords to sharp bows. You may learn how to use a bow in Wild Hearts by reading this article:

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What are the Best Bow Combos?

These are a few of the best bow combinations you can attempt.

  • Single-target Combo – Once in the Haya stance, defend or charge your bow. Once in the Otoya position, shoot to explode arrows. With Box Karakuris, you can shoot your arrows from above your opponent by jumping into the air.
  • Combination of area of effect – Stack arrows on the adversary while double-bobbing your bow in the Haya position. Then, fire once in the Otoya stance to burst the arrows.
  • Boss combo – In the Otoya position, double-bolster or charge your bow to shoot and explode simultaneously. Although this combo deals a lot of damage, it will quickly deplete your stamina bar. Use it cautiously.

How to Use Bow

The key to using the Bow in Wild Hearts is to switch between the two kinds of arrows. Both deal damage, however alternating is a wonderful idea because you can deal extra damage if you pierce the adversary with a Haya arrow and then explode it with an Otoya arrow.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Bow

After that, you should try to maintain your distance, target vulnerable areas with accurate shots, and have your Thread ready to construct a swift escape, such as a spring or glider, in case attackers approach too closely.

What are the Best Bow’s Movements and Attacks?

The Bow has a slightly more complicated attack range than the typical weapon, but we’ll go over each one individually.

  • Square/X – Alternate the sorts of arrows
  • Triangle/Y – Strengthen Bow (The player is immobile while shooting the Bolstered shot; the next arrow deals more damage and uses more stamina.)
  • Triangle/Y x2 – Increase damage, effect, and stamina consumption on the subsequent arrow by fully enlarging the bow.
  • R2/RT – A fire arrow
  • R2/RT (hold down) – Tense shot

There’s plenty for players to work with right away with at least three fundamental techniques to enhance your arrows: Charge Shots, Arrow Detonation, and Bolsters.


How does wild hearts work?

The main novel aspect of WILD HEARTS is the availability of “karakuri,” which are Fortnite-like objects that players may quickly build during battles. You can conjure up enormous bulwark walls out of thin air in less than two seconds, scale them, and use your leaps to land devastating blows on enemies’ backs.

What is the easiest weapon to use in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.

How many hunts are in Wild Hearts?

In Wild Hearts, there are 21 Kemono to hunt, however in order to obtain enough resources for manufacturing, players must hunt each one more than once. The game’s eight weapons may be improved and changed in a variety of ways, extending its play time for gamers who want to try it all.

Is there a weapon limit in Wild Hearts?

This can be used to make new armor, improve existing weapons, or change between weapons. At the beginning, you can only manufacture five different types of weaponry; but, as you get to Chapter 2, you will be able to craft three more.

What is the best ranged weapon in Wild Hearts?

Compared to the Bow, the Cannon is significantly slower because it is the heaviest ranged weapon in Wild Hearts. It has a lot more power, but there is a big catch to that power. Because it can overheat and has a limited amount of ammunition, the Cannon is the most technically difficult weapon in Wild Hearts.