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How to Use MSI Afterburner Overlay [Complete Guide]


Msi Afterburner Overlay

Downloading and introducing Msi Afterburner Overlay is a beautiful basic interaction and one you’ve most likely done multiple times previously. In any case, for those that are new to the introducing game. There is a ton of promotion over utilizing a designs utility of any PC. The greater part of individuals do utilize superior gpu to help their games.

Playing the high-illustrations games consistently needs enormous help from the Motherboards Come with SATA Cables and this is by and large where utility help comes to be convenient. It helps in diminishing the overclocking promotion likewise can lessen the in-game illustrations.

There are numerous programming projects accessible that are totally free and simple to utilize. These are an absolute necessity have for each gaming pc. Msi Afterburner Overlay is one such instrument. Today I will be directing you through strides to show the fundamental data for gaming in the overlays. Lets set up..

What Causes the MSI Afterburner not Working Issue?

MSI Afterburner On Screen Display 2020 - YouTube

Subsequent to going through some investigating methods generally embraced by clients to circumnavigate this mistake, we presumed that the accompanying should be the absolute most significant reasons because of which this blunder message is set off in any case.

  • Other Overlays: If you are at the same time utilizing the Nvidia and Steam overlays alongside the MSI Afterburner overlay, it is prescribed to cripple every one of them.
  • Obsolete Software: It is conceivable that your adaptation of MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner Statistics Server has been obsolete. Because of which the MSI Afterburner OSD not working issue is being set off.
  • General Misconfigurations: Both the Msi Afterburner Overlay and RTSS expect you to set them up as per your PC and wanted arrangements.
  • Missing DirectX Software: Another chance is that you are feeling the loss of the fundamental DirectX programming that is vital in running any graphical applications on your PC.
  • Missing Admin Permissions: Sometimes, the product requires administrator consents to have the option to screen certain games or applications and if these authorizations aren’t truly, it will not be able to do as such.
  • Wrong Rendering Mode: If the MSI Afterburner video catch not working issue is being set off, you can attempt to change the delivering mode.

What Does MSI Afterburner Do?

The simplest method to get what MSI Afterburner does is to separate the utility into classifications. The following, are the basic provisions that make up the product and precisely what they offer.


For some, overclocking is an overwhelming assignment which means strolling a scarcely discernible difference between better execution and broken equipment. MSI perceives this and has made its own overclocking utility inside Afterburner which works on the cycle. The overclocking highlight gives accuracy settings that permit you to push your GPU to its most extreme potential while shielding your equipment from long-lasting harm.

The product can change pretty much every part of a GPU, including clock speeds, center voltage, power limit, temperature limit, memory clock speed, and fan speed. Afterburner gives you every one of the vital devices to change your GPU to your precise particulars, something other programming applications don’t give.

For Afterburner to work close by each realistic card accessible, it utilizes OC Scanner, a utility that utilizes a calculation created by Nvidia to decide any model of GPU (regardless of whether it’s a 960 or 2080). When the OC still up in the air the thing card you are running, it will work out the most noteworthy and most stable overclocking settings for that particular card. Then, at that point, it applies the progressions to your card for prompt execution gains.


MSI Afterburner Monitoring

Things being what they are, at this stage, you may be thinking about doing. A smidgen of tweaking yourself, perhaps a little lift in clock speed? All things considered, in case you are, that is incredible! Afterburner has a cool observing element that permits you to see live changes made. GPU and how they’re doing each part of your illustrations card.

The utility permits you to screen everything from GPU temperatures, center and memory clock speeds, voltage. FPS, and use rate by means of a progression of charts and an all out screen show. Monitoring your GPU movement while gaming is a huge piece of benchmarking today. The checking highlight permits you to do this with live, on-screen refreshes.


Particularly now that there is such a lot of contest encompassing the GPU business. Individuals need to realize which card is ideal and what preferable method of displaying. That over in a reasonable, level battleground, benchmarking test.

Msi Afterburner Overlay incorporates a benchmarking device called MSI Kombustor which runs. A genuine of upsetting GPU cycles to perceive how well your illustrations card responds to the pressing factor. It’s an extraordinary method to see whether your overclocking changes an affect. The presentation of your GPU. We will go into precisely how to utilize the product further down.

Video Capture

There is a huge load of video catching strategies out there, and you got it. Afterburner has its own exceptional catch programming constructed directly in. The application is named Predator and helps catch in-game film, instructional exercises, benchmark results, and that’s just the beginning. You can catch in various arrangements, characteristics, and edge rates.