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New WhatsApp update gives voice calls the refresh you’ve been waiting for


WhatsApp is now testing a new look for being in a conversation on both iOS and Android devices that displays waveforms to show who is speaking in a group call, as well as a more contemporary interface.

For the last year, the business has been working on upgrades to the app as a whole, including multi-device compatibility, a desktop client for Windows 11, and other features to better compete with competing messaging applications.

Although it is possible to make calls on WhatsApp, it is limited to the basic user experience that iOS and Android provide to third-party apps that have call functionality.

However, version, currently available to beta testers, the new look for calling in the app is going to benefit group calls more than those that are one-to-one.

Analysis: Making your voice calls look much better

For years, the interface when you’re in a call on iOS and Android has barely seen any improvement since their first versions. While iOS 14 brought a compact view for when you would be in a call, the full-screen view has been relatively unchanged. More users are preferring to choose to call over other apps, from WhatsApp to Skype, especially with group calls, which is why an update to the interface for WhatsApp is welcome.

Here, you’ve got an elegant design that shows who’s speaking thanks to the audio waveforms for when someone speaks, alongside three options that’s available to you at all times if you want to go on mute, end the call, or go on loudspeaker. It’s a modern design that only goes to show how much of an update the call screen in iOS and Android needs, especially for group calls.