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Nightingale – How to Get Ink


In “Nightingale,” the enchanting world of the medieval era is brought to life, where ink plays a crucial role in documenting history, communicating ideas, and casting powerful spells. This guide explores the fascinating process of acquiring ink in “Nightingale,” from its humble origins to its magical applications.

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The Importance of Ink in Nightingale

Ink holds a special significance in the world of “Nightingale.” It serves as a medium for recording important events, documenting knowledge, and preserving the spells of the ancient wizards. In addition to its practical uses, ink is also imbued with magical properties that allow it to enhance the power of spells and enchantments.

Sources of Ink in Nightingale

In “Nightingale,” ink can be obtained from various sources, each with its own unique properties and uses:

  1. Black Lotus Flowers: Black lotus flowers are a rare and valuable source of ink in “Nightingale.” These flowers are found in remote locations and are known for their deep, rich color, which is perfect for creating potent spell ink.
  2. Squid Ink: Squid ink is another common source of ink in “Nightingale.” It is obtained by harvesting ink sacs from giant squids, which can be found in the depths of the ocean. Squid ink is known for its versatility and is used in a wide range of magical and mundane applications.
  3. Shadow Essence: Shadow essence is a mysterious substance that can be found in dark, shadowy places. It is highly sought after for its unique properties, which allow it to create ink that can enhance stealth and concealment spells.
  4. Dragon’s Blood: Dragon’s blood is a rare and powerful source of ink in “Nightingale.” It is obtained from the blood of dragons, which are formidable creatures that roam the land. Dragon’s blood ink is highly prized for its ability to enhance the power of offensive spells.

How to Get Ink

In Nightingale, the Mortar Workbench is where you can manufacture Ink. To produce it, you’ll need a minimum of one Refined Pigment and one Glass. However, before you can craft these materials, you need concentrate on building a variety of Simple Workbenches at your base, including the Simple Smelter and Simple Saw Table. The Essence Trader in your Nightingale world can teach you how to make the Simple Workbenches recipes.

All they want for in exchange for your Essence Dust is to be given to them as purchases. Once you’ve unlocked these recipes, get back to your base and start configuring them. For their creation, a multitude of materials are required, including stone blocks, rocks, wood bundles, animal fibers, lumber, and fiber. Animal Fibers and Lumber are the harder resources to work with; you can make them at the Basic Tanning Station and the Basic Saw Table, respectively.

Nightingale - How to Get Ink

With every workbench at your disposal, proceed to the Simple Mortar Workbench to initiate the process of creating Refined Pigment. Any kind of animal meat, flowers, or mushrooms will work well for this. To shatter it into pigment, you’ll need two or more of the same materials. You will now have one Refined Pigment, which you can use to manufacture Ink, but you will still need Glass, which you can generate at the Simple Smelter.

To make Glass, you must refine two Gems that you take from your environment. Once you have finished gathering those two essential resources, go back to the mortar station to begin creating the alchemical ink. Despite being named Alchemical Ink, you can use it to produce your Realm Cards in Nightingale at the Enchanter’s Focus.

Tips for Maximizing Your Ink Collection

  • Explore thoroughly: Take the time to explore every corner of the world to uncover hidden sources of ink.
  • Complete quests: Always be on the lookout for quests that offer ink as a reward and prioritize completing them.
  • Be prepared for combat: Some of the best sources of ink come from defeating powerful creatures, so make sure you are well-equipped for battle.
  • Trade wisely: When trading for ink, be sure to negotiate a fair deal to ensure you are getting the most out of your trade.


How do I know where to find ink in Nightingale?

Ink can be found in various places throughout the world of Nightingale, including shimmering pools, glowing plants, and as drops from defeated creatures. Exploring the world thoroughly and keeping an eye out for these indicators can help you find ink.

Can I sell ink to other players?

Yes, you can sell ink to other players in Nightingale. Many players are willing to buy ink to use for crafting or other purposes. Be sure to negotiate a fair price to get the most out of your ink.

Are there different types of ink in Nightingale?

Yes, there are different types of ink in Nightingale, each with its own properties and uses. Some inks may be more valuable or rare than others, so be sure to keep an eye out for these special types.

Can I trade other items for ink?

Yes, you can trade other items for ink with NPCs or other players in Nightingale. Many merchants and traders are willing to exchange items for ink, so be sure to explore your options and negotiate a fair trade.

What happens if I run out of ink in Nightingale?

If you run out of ink in Nightingale, you may need to explore more to find additional sources of ink. You can also consider trading with other players or completing quests that offer ink as a reward to replenish your supply.


Ink is a valuable resource in Nightingale, and obtaining it can be a rewarding challenge. By exploring, completing quests, defeating creatures, crafting, and trading wisely, you can maximize your ink collection and use it to enhance your adventures in the world of Nightingale.