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Numi Vtuber Face Reveal Age and Much More


Numi Vtuber Face Revea

Numi Vtuber is a girl who likes cosplaying her own character. Continuing the trend of revealing that all vtubers are insanely beautiful people. Not all but most of vtubers are actually ridiculously attractive, and most of the reason why they don’t do face reveals is because they feel super self conscious or something along those lines.

She’s beautiful, so glad her friendship with Lily and her other VTuber friends gave her the confidence to show her face.

Numi Vtuber Joined Youtube on May 8, 2017  as independent English Virtual YouTuber Akuma Nihmune made her debut. She is a Tiktok and YouTube uploader as well as a Twitch streamer. She also performs music she published two EPs and an entire album.

She has around 310k subscribers on youtube and she has more than 220M total youtube views on her videos.

Akuma Nihmune: –