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One Piece Odyssey – How to Change Party Members


The core cast of One Piece is enormous; the Straw Hat Pirates have many more members than would fit in a typical JRPG fighting party. Fortunately, you can take on the roles of any member of the main cast at any point in One Piece Odyssey. The game does a good job of accommodating a wide range of players with each character’s own set of skills and play styles, but it falls short in explaining how to switch between them all. This post will walk you through the process of switching party members in a single piece:

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How to Change Party Members

You will need to use the Tactics menu in combat. While the d-pad controls most of your turn’s options, you must use the Y button (on an Xbox 360) or its equivalent to access Tactics. Then a new menu appears, which you should choose by selecting the “Swap Battle Crew” option. This will bring up a new screen with every party member that is available in a row.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Change Party Members

Just choose the character you wish to send back to the bench by selecting it on this screen. or in reverse order. If you confirm, the new party member will take over and the battle will resume. And that’s how it functions. This can also be configured in the pause menu, which is essentially the same setup outside of battle.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Change Party Members

By the way, the d-pad may be used to move the character you’re controlling left or right in the overworld. This is what you’ll need to perform for every character-specific challenge you encounter. Or if you just want to pretend for once to be someone other than Luffy while running around. Remember that some characters will appear as guests for a short while, and you won’t be able to rearrange them.

Swapping Characters

You’ll step into Luffy’s shoes throughout the first several hours of One Piece Odyssey as you explore the island where you and your crew are stranded. You will be introduced to Luffy’s move set as soon as the game launches, including his ability to use his Gum-Gum Rocket to get to difficult-to-reach places.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Change Party Members

But as you go, you’ll come across places that are inaccessible to Luffy without the use of special powers. The first dungeon in One Piece Odyssey is probably where you’ll run into this for the first time. There, a metal gate will obstruct your progress. The game informs you on how to switch characters, but it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment.


Can you play as Nami in One Piece Odyssey?

It should come as no surprise that Nami will be playable in the upcoming One Piece: Odyssey since she is by no means a weak character.

Can you play as jinbe in One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece is a battle manga, thus all of the characters would be appropriate for roles in a video game, which helps with this. Since Jimbei isn’t expected to make an appearance in One Piece Odyssey, it appears that one of the new Straw Hat Pirates has been overlooked during the lengthy production process.

How many playable characters are in One Piece Odyssey?

As you advance in One Piece Odyssey, you will be able to free a total of nine party members, all of whom are important Straw Hat members. Every JRPG has its own unique set of talents, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Can Luffy go gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey?

Luffy will use Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey’s Chapter Eight: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa. Consequently, in order to get to the part of the narrative where Luffy and his Straw Hat crew battle Donflamingo, players must finish Chapters One through Seven.

Can I play One Piece Odyssey without getting spoiled?

Yes, the main mode contains spoilers, however Dream Mode is mostly spoiler-free (apart from a few scattered snatches). Indeed. That is the story’s whole plot thus far.