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Dead Island 2 – How to Find All Rites of Passage


In Malibu, surviving the undead isn’t your only challenge; you must figure out some challenging brainteasers. One of the initial goals in the Haus DLC for Dead Island 2 is to finish the three distinct Rites of Passage. By completing these tasks, you can go further into the plot and understand exactly what is happening. You will learn how to locate every rite of Passage in Dead Island 2 by reading this article:

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How to Find All Rites of Passage

You must finish three separate Rites of Passage, each housed in a different building. There are five similar white houses in your small area; four are situated directly across from one another, and one is perched on a hill.

For now, don’t worry about the one on the hill; after all the Rites of Passage are fulfilled, you go there. You can concentrate on the four bottom houses for the time being. Since there are only three Rites of Passage, one of the houses isn’t in use, as I mentioned earlier.

Rite of Passage 1:

First up is the Brain Rot house, which is the first house on the right. Here, you have to proceed inside the house and into the attic, where the Rite of Passage of “possession” and a furnace are located.

Work with the wheel to light the furnace. Drop whatever weapon you have into the raging fire and watch it explode in flames. The Rite of Passage is now complete, and you can proceed to the next one.

Rite of Passage 2:

The second house on the left is the location of your next Rite of Passage. You enter the basement of this house rather than the attic. The “suffering” Rite of Passage takes place here.

You notice a pool of blood and lifeless victims in the basement. Suffering is a necessary part of the Rite of Passage. Using one of your shock weapons and swinging at the blood while standing in the pool is the simplest way to accomplish this. This completes the painful Rite of Passage by electrocuting both you and the blood.

Rite of Passage 3:

The Rite of Passage “confession” is located in the first house on the left as you enter the neighborhood. It’s upstairs in the attic, but you can’t get to it until you’ve finished the first and second Rites of Passage. Therefore, reserve this until last. After completing the previous tasks, you find yourself in this house’s basement.

All you have to do to finish the game when you reach the attic of this house is approach the microphone, engage with it, and allow your character to divulge a few sinister secrets.


What happens at the end of Dead Island 2?

Your player escapes in the last seconds to meet up with their friends at the gate that opens to the helicopter. The last cutscene, in which you rescue Sam’s life, starts at this point. Even though you could have left with the gang, you choose to stay behind and look for Tisha because you know she’s missing.

What are the dark brains in Dead Island 2?

New zombie varieties called Dark Brains can be found in the Dead Island 2 Haus DLC. They are deformed, sick creatures that resemble trees. They are not able to inflict damage on slayers, unlike all the zombies the slayers have faced. Instead, they are only a barrier that blocks off portions of the map.

What is the body parts mission in Dead Island 2?

Finding a variety of “art supplies,” such as chthonic ichor, sword arms, infected spines, and giant arm bones, is necessary to finish the Dead Island 2 Body Art side quest. Here’s where you can locate each one. You get to meet a lot of unusual people in Dead Island 2 through the side missions.

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

The majority of players believe that the fastest-firing Legendary Rifle in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount, is the greatest weapon. In addition to its amazing strength, it is useful for eliminating zombies one at a time or one at a time.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Island 2?

Number of bodies. The military’s covert weapon, known as Bodycount, is the last legendary firearm that players can locate. If the zombie isn’t killed by the bullets with a ranged superior puncturing mod, the bleeding state effect will.