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One Piece Odyssey – How to Play as Brook


“Soul King” One of the central figures in One Piece Odyssey is Brook. You will have to wait until you are able to enlist him, though, as he does not immediately join the player’s group. The problem is that Brook can only be unlocked in the game’s later stages. You will learn how to play the role of a brook in One Piece Odyssey by reading this article:

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Is Brook a Playable Party Member?

One Piece Odyssey allows you to play as Brook only after you’ve reached Chapter 7. Players are unable to equip the character as a party member at the start of the story since he loses his body after the ship crashes on an enigmatic island.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Play as Brook

At some point, Brook will ask the group to assist him in finding his boat in South Beach, which is when the mission “Get Brook’s Body Back” begins. The body is in the ocean when players arrive at this beach, but the Merchant Walrus eats it. Therefore, to obtain the vessel, you must defeat both this monster and the Fire Colossus.

Luckily, Brook will resurrect himself and join the fight against the second boss. As a Technique-type character, Brook is formidable against Fire Colossus and other Power-type opponents. You can employ moves like Soul Solid, Lullaby Parry, and Song of Scratches Blizzard Strike with him.

How Does Brook Play

Brook has a somewhat different playstyle in that he prioritizes being a useful member of the squad. In particular, his combat abilities blend music and signing, immobilize adversaries, and enhance ally attacks. These are every one of Brook’s One Piece Odyssey fighting prowess.

  • Three-Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash
  • Lullaby Parry
  • Soul Solid
  • Song of Scratches: Blizzard Slice
  • New World

One Piece Odyssey - How to Play as Brook

The main drawback is that Brook’s field skills are lacking. However, his battle skills alone have more than enough buffs and debuffs to make him a fantastic character in your main party. Brook possesses the Revive-Revive Fruit, his Devil Fruit, which enables him to resurrect as a skeleton.

How to Play as Brook

A few chapters after Frank, Brook is the last person to join the player’s party. In One Piece Odyssey, specifically, players might anticipate meeting Brook in Chapter 7. Although Brook won’t be available for recruitment at first, doing the “Get Brook’s Body Back” quest will make her available.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Play as Brook

Brook will join the group following his battles with the Fire Colossus and the Merchant Walrus. Recall that Brook is a Technique-type character, which means that he is vulnerable to Speed types and strong versus Power types.


Can you play as other characters in One Piece Odyssey?

The hooves, sandals, and shoes of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook are all available for players to take on! Apart from their diverse fighting abilities, every character has a special ability for exploration, such Zoro’s ability to smash through walls and Luffy’s Gum Gum Slingshot traversal.

Can you play as Franky in One Piece Odyssey?

Frank. Shipwright ‘Iron Man’ of the Straw Hat Pirates Additionally, a playable version of Franky was shown off during the One Piece: Odyssey teaser. Franky is regarded as one of the strongest characters in One Piece who doesn’t use haki, in part because of his cyborg nature.

Can Luffy use gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey?

As a result, as One Piece Odyssey’s plot advances, a lot of fans will probably wonder if Gear 4 is something Luffy can employ. Luffy will use Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey in Chapter Eight: Kingdom at War: The Dressrosa Battle.

What is the weakness system in One Piece Odyssey?

The attack types in One Piece Odyssey are arranged in a rock-paper-scissors fashion, with Power (sword icon) being strong against Technique, Speed (gun icon) being strong against Power, and Speed (fist icon) being strong against Speed.