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Have a Nice Death – Some Beginner Guide


Have a Nice Death is the newest independent roguelike to appear on retail shelves. It features Death, also known as the Grim Reaper, who was doing reasonably well for himself. It involves taking back death from the Grim Reaper’s minions, and since they possess supernatural abilities, it won’t be simple. There won’t be any one-sided appointments because the Grim Reaper has lost most of his authority due to excessive documentation. This post will provide you with some basic advice on how to have a nice death:

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Understanding Elevator Pathways

This game functions similarly to many other roguelikes. From a starting point, players will traverse multiple floors that are generated at random until they reach a boss. Get to a new biome, kill the boss, and then start over. Players can now select from various floor selections using the elevator after each floor.

Have a Nice Death - Some Beginner Guide

For instance, they could go to the Vitam-Mana Department on one floor, where they can usually get temporary enhancements to their magic reserves or health. Instead, entering an office floor will usually put gamers up against a mini-boss. Try each kind of floor out in the early hours of Have a Nice Death, and record on a paper or phone note what each one accomplishes. It can assist in figuring out which bonus path is optimal.

Triggers And Dodging

One benefit of fighting is that adversaries always give warning before launching an attack. Games with these clear signs will usually let players counterattack. The Assassin’s Creed video games somewhat pioneered this particular gameplay element. That isn’t usually the case in Have a Nice Death, though.

Have a Nice Death - Some Beginner Guide

It’s a good idea for players to move aside once an exclamation point appears above an enemy’s head. If players pay close attention, even bosses’ movements are simple to learn. Occasionally, it may be more beneficial to initiate a boss battle by just avoiding hits and observing patterns. Players can safely attack once they have mastered the pattern, much like muscle memory.

Take Every Prism Opportunity

You can collect various currencies during runs, just like in other roguelite games. There are three varieties available: Prisms, Ingots, and Souls. While some opponents can be defeated and exploration can yield Souls and Ingots, Prisms are far more difficult to locate.

Have a Nice Death - Some Beginner Guide

Even though prisms and ingots are rare, only gathered prisms survive death, whereas collected ingots are preserved. Prisms are useful since they can be wagered in the break room, the shop, and for permanent weapon upgrades. You can’t afford to overlook a Prism icon, so always select a floor with one.

Death And Quitting

How is Death able to pass away? That may not make sense, but that’s how roguelike games like Have a Nice Death operate. Almost everything that a player has, including spells, weapons, curses, and other items, is lost when they die. Additionally, there is a transient currency known as Soulary that is lost. Spend all of your Soulary before a boss because you never know when they’ll return.

Have a Nice Death - Some Beginner Guide

No matter how many times a player dies, gold is the one money that never runs out. It’s also crucial to note that players can end the game whenever they want, and that when they restart, they’ll be taken back to the start of their previous floor. When a roguelike achieves this, it’s usually good because beating one in a single sitting can be quite exciting. This is not what Have a Nice Death tries to convey, so for those who are interested, here’s the skinny.

Follow The Checklist For Discounts

Despite being a big workplace divided into several rooms, Have a Nice Death’s core area is home to a wide range of components. Apart from the Perks List and the Training Area, there’s also the shop catalog. You can spend your Ingots to unlock new weapons and stuff that can be found in runs in between runs.

Have a Nice Death - Some Beginner Guide

You can accumulate your Ingot reserves really fast, but many of the items in the store cost a significant amount of money—sometimes hundreds of dollars. Conveniently, each one has a prerequisite that must be met, which can reduce the cost of some products by up to 95%. Make a note of these prerequisites so you may meet them while out for runs and indulge in a shopping binge when you get back.


Is Have a nice death a hard game?

This game is a real jewel, skillfully fusing stunning graphics with captivating fighting mechanics. Plenty of humor, enjoyable gameplay, amazing visual direction, and a challenge that will keep you occupied for several days. Fantastic game! Fights are rather difficult, yet controls are very simple to learn.

What is the control room in Have a Nice Death?

You can use Prismium and Soulary to enhance your scythe, cloak weapons, and spells in the control room. Prismium is extremely rare, and with it, you can modify your scythe or obtain instant improvements for the aforementioned weapons.

How do curses work in Have a Nice Death?

O’Shah gives you additional cards called curses. Curses come in three varieties: red, blue, and green. Every kind of curse has a unique growth tree with randomly assigned penalties. If the Curses you’ve been given aren’t so good, you can also utilize a Curse-Reroll.

What does prismium do have a nice death?

At the moment, it appears that the ingots—which are needed to unlock new food and weapons—are the only permanent money. Prismium can be invested into the shop or utilized as a substitute for soulary, according to its description.

Have a nice death control room upgrades?

Together with Orville, who serves as his tutor, Jacob is in charge of it. For the duration of the run, the player can speak with Jacob or Orville to enhance their weaponry with Soulary or Prismium, granting scythes, weapons, and spells greater damage and effects.