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How to Copy & Paste Without a Mouse


Keyboard shortcuts are demonstrated in this article to copy, paste, and cut material on a Windows or a Mac computer. You won’t have to worry about learning additional keystrokes for copying and pasting information because most programmes are compatible with the shortcuts explained in this article.

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How to Copy & Paste Without a Mouse

How to Copy and Paste With the Ctrl/Command Key

Using the following instructions, you will learn how to copy and paste text or images in Windows and Mac OS X.

1. Preserve a written record of whatever you intend to replicate.

If the application does not enable you to highlight text with your mouse, you can select all text by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard, or Command+A on a Mac to select all text by using the Command key on your keyboard.

2. Holding down the Ctrl or Command key for a few seconds, then pressing the C key once will complete the operation. All that is required is that you copy the contents of the document to the clipboard.

3. Place the cursor where you want the copied material to be pasted and click the Enter key to start the process.

4. To copy and paste the material, hold down the Ctrl or Command key for a few seconds and then press the V key on your keyboard one time.

How to Cut Content With the Ctrl/Command Key

The techniques outlined above are useful if you wish to maintain the original content while only making a copy of it somewhere else. Take, for example, the case when you wish to copy an email address from a website and paste it directly into your email software.

Cut is a distinct keyboard shortcut that you can use to copy and paste material while also automatically deleting the original content afterward. You can do this when you’re rearranging paragraphs in an email and you want to remove some text or an image from one section and replace it with another section.

To cut text or images, press the Ctrl+X keyboard shortcut in Windows or the Command+X keyboard shortcut on macOS. When you press the Ctrl/Command+X keyboard shortcut, the information is removed from the screen and saved in the clipboard. Use the Ctrl/Command+V keyboard shortcut to copy and paste the information.



Why won’t my mouse let me copy and paste?

If you are unable to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts, try selecting the file or text using your mouse and then selecting Copy and Paste from the menu. If this works, it indicates that the problem is with your keyboard. Check to see that your keyboard is turned on and correctly connected, and that you’re using the appropriate shortcuts for your operating system.

What does Alt Tab do?

The Alt-Tab key alternates between all currently open applications in the Taskbar. While pressing the Tab key, the Alt key is held down in order to cycle among the icons of all of the open windows. When the Tab key is released, the window that was highlighted is brought to the foreground of the screen.