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The Outer Worlds: Where To Find All Unique Weapons


Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

The Outer Worlds is overflowing with wacky weapons that have a type of contrivance to them, regardless of whether it’s anything but a Shrink Ray that straightforwardly recoils your adversary or skirmish weapon that modifies their face. Obsidian calls these Science weapons, and they’re effectively the absolute coolest — and most uncommon — in the game. We’ve arranged each unique firearm and science weapon you can discover in The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons their areas so you know precisely where to look.

Unique Weapons are uncommon, amazing variations you can discover covered up all through the Halcyon cosmic system in The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons. These are the best weapons you can get, and they’ll give you a genuine edge in battle. At times they’re simply unusual weapons, different occasions they’re Easter eggs — however they’re generally a stage over the standard stuff you’ll get from foes.

Subsequent to playing through the DLC this is all that I found. To the extent I realize the lone thing missing is the Agony weapon yet there may be more, gracious and a few keycards as I have lock 150 so didn’t utilize them. Whichever way trust this aides if your missing any.

There are a sum of fourteen Unique Weapons added to The Outer Worlds with the arrival of the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Albeit not quite the same as Legendary Weapon From ‘Mayor For A Day, these Unique Weapons have extraordinary names, properties, and are for the most part better compared to whatever else in the game. In this aide, we’ve itemized the areas of the relative multitude of Unique Weapons that players can discover in The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons DLC.

All Unique Weapons and Armors In The Outer Worlds Peril of Gorgon

Special Mentions

Wild Ops Armor or Wall of Swords

The wild operations protective layer is an award thing for the journey the electric excursion in the event that you choose to give the phonograph accounts to Georgie’s automech. On the off chance that you pick Roscoe you get unique mass of swords all things being equal.

Burnout or Equilibrium or Both (Read Below)

Burnout is found on Wilhelmina Ambrose (Minnie) on the off chance that you kill and plunder her. You can do this whenever yet its best to delay until the last Outer Worlds Unique Weapons to do as such. Assuming you need this unique weapon, kill her or side with Olivia in the last mission.

Assuming you need the unique weapon balance, side with Minnie and kill Olivia.

There is an approach to get both unique weapons and that is to try for some degree of reconciliation with Olivia and Minnie (requires convince 100) and afterward you can kill them both after the last mission.

Science Weapons

  • Uncommon Delivery
  • P.E.T
  • Representative Benefit

Unique Weapons

  • Helpful Deconstruction
  • Overheat
  • Wonderful Game
  • Whirlwind
  • Coolant Distributor
  • Arial Assault
  • Stash
  • Fortunate
  • Award of Honor
  • Water Regia
  • Release
  • Specialists Orders
  • Undertaker
  • Processor
  • Lobby of Famer
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Model Light Pistol
  • Spectacular exhibition

Unique Armors/Outfits

  • Felines Eye Pressure Helm
  • Chrono Adaptive
  • Night Light Helmet
  • Cell Stability Mono-Lens
  • Model Hibernation Suit rev4.7d
  • Revering Fan Hat
  • Electrical experts Gear

Other Items

  • Kitchen Keycard
  • Sellers Stash Keycard
  • Upkeep Room Keycard
  • Engraved Flask

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Unique Weapons Locations

Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

Coming up next are the areas of the multitude of Unique Weapons that can be found in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for the game:

All In

During the ‘Ruler of Blight’ mission, head inside the SubLight Freight Storage and Processing distribution center at the Piraeus Spaceport on Eridanos. Once inside, go past the entryway and head eastward of the principle region, and go left to think that its set along a mass of a little room. If not found during the questline, players should enter the stockroom from the back-entrance.


To discover Brontide, players need to head inside the Phaeton Pilothouse on Eridanos and get to the lower-segment of Gyro. Once there, go into the primary room after the corridor and head up the stepping stool on the left-hand side. Once up, check the finish of the walkway to discover it.

Captain Robin’s Spine

Players need to go to the Purpleberry Outer Worlds Unique Weapons at the Purpleberry Orchards on Eridanos. Once there, head over to the focal space of the Kulve Taroth Weapons to discover Captain Robin’s Spine on a seat – it ought to be inside the structure.

Discrepancy Amplifier

It’s naturally acquired toward the finish of ‘The Last Role of Halycon Helen’ fundamental mission.

Force Magnum

Players are expected to finish ‘The Pteroray Trap’ job to procure the Force Magnum.


There’s a little island that players can discover between the Grand Colonial Hotel and the Purpleberry Orchards. Northward of the island is a little room that is got the Frigidariator weapon.

Man Splitter

To discover the Man Splitter, players need to make a beeline for the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve on Eridanos. Once there, utilize the Holey Caves access to continue toward the west side to discover a few holders. The weapon ought to be on a cadaver.

The Pen

Players need to finish the side mission called ‘Your Primal Heart’ to get The Pen as a prize.


To discover Piledriver, players need to go to the south of the Outer Worlds Unique Weapons Labs (Purpleberry Orchards) to track down a little store containing it.

Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

Plasma Propulsion Pack

While at the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve, head to the posterior of the LEGAL Hunting Supplies store to track down a camp. Once there, keep on heading past the pit fire to discover the weapon in the midst of some destruction.


To discover it, players need to make a beeline for the Distillation Station. Once there, head inside the fundamental structure and in the room with an enormous Rizzo’s mascot head in the middle. From the space, head inside the left entryway and keep on creeping through unfinished plumbing spaces to discover it toward the end.

Short Circuit

It’s anything but’s a little island between the Outer Worlds Unique Weapons Exploitation Reserve and the Grand Colonial Hotel. Once there, head inside the cavern to get a protected key from adversaries. With the key close by, get back to the primary island and inside a little structure close by that contains a protected with the Short Circuit.

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