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Palworld – How to Breed Anubis


In Palworld, friends are frequently appreciated for their adaptability and productivity, however others could counter that cuteness plays a role. Anubis is one of the Palworld animals that is particularly challenging to obtain at lower levels. With his eye-catching design and potent stats, Anubis has proven to be a most sought-after Pal by players for their teams. You can learn how to breed anubis in Palworld by reading this article:

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Where to Find Anubis

Anubis is an Alpha Boss in the center of the map’s northern Desert section, and he may be found at Twilight Dunes in Palworld. At level 48, the Ground-type Pal spawns in and will launch an instant attack if you approach it within a few feet. Anubis’ precise location can be found on the map provided below:

Palworld - How to Breed Anubis

Regretfully, Anubis cannot be encountered in the Overworld in any other way. Therefore, breeding it or taking on a level 48 Alpha Boss are your only alternatives. The greatest option for most gamers grinding to level 50 is to breed Anubis. One of the strongest attackers in the game, the Ground-type is a valuable addition to your team when you are level 30 to 40.

How to Breed an Anubis

The first friends you can have to breed an Anubis are Penking and Bushi. A Big Rocky Egg is produced when these elements come together, which eventually hatches into an Anubis. Penking and Bushi are located near the Sealed Realm of the Sword Master and the Sealed Realm of Frozen Wings, respectively.

Palworld - How to Breed Anubis

In summary, however, your Penking and Bushi (one male and one female from each Pal) will stay warm and comfortable in your Breeding Farm with a Ccake until they give you an Anubis egg. Depending on your game settings, the Huge Rocky Egg may produce a level 1 Anubis immediately, but it will need to sit in your incubator for a few minutes or instantly.

All Anubis Breeding Combinations

  • Arsox + Pyrin
  • Nitewing + Rayhound
  • Penking + Bushi
  • Beakon + Caprity
  • Incineram + Surfent
  • Mossanda + Katress
  • Eikthyrdeer + Beakon


How many pals are in Palworld?

When you catch a friend, it will appear in full color in the Paldeck and include information about potential drops, the friend’s partner skill, work attributes, food level, and capture bonus. At the moment, Palworld has 137 Pals.

Is Palworld multiplayer?

Sneak in and seize uncommon allies to become wealthy quickly! After all, if you don’t get caught, it’s not a crime. It supports multiplayer, so grab a friend and embark on an adventure together!

Is Palworld an actual game?

Palworld is an open-world survival game with fighting and crafting features. You may train adorable, animated monsters in small balls and use them to fight other monsters that you have captured. These ‘Pals’ can also be used to work on fields and factory assembly lines, which will help you survive a little bit better.

Is Palworld only online?

Animal-like beings known as “Pals” occupy the game’s open universe. The players can use pals for base construction, exploration, and fighting if they are defeated in battle and captured. Palworld can be played online by up to 32 players on a single server or by one person alone.

How do you breed in Palworld?

As long as two Pals are male and female, you can put them on the farm to breed, although the outcome will typically be a random Pal. But when the lucky egg hatches, you can obtain a far more powerful Fusion Pal if you know exactly the two Pals to link up.