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Wild Hearts – How to Use Flying Vine


At Wild Hearts, there’s a special set of cutting-edge technology called ‘karakuri.’ The Flying Vine is one of the most helpful Karakuri available to players in Wild Hearts, among many other fantastic ones. This device functions as a zipline and allows you to travel back and forth between two sites in either an ascending or falling manner. Flying Vine is the Dragon Karakuri you must find as soon as possible in the game. You will learn how to use flying vine in Wild Hearts from this article:

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How to Get Flying Vine

The mission to find the creature known as “Kingtusk” will be given to players as they go through the game’s main plot. This task, which requires you to travel to Minato, will be given to you in the game’s first chapter. The only way to get reach the smaller, distinct island of Minato is using a glider or flying vine.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Flying Vine

As a result of the glider not being unlocked, you will have the choice to create a flying vine. To create the Flying Vine, you will need to gather 15 Dragon Pit soil resources. After obtaining the necessary materials, you must summon Dragon Karakuri and choose the Flying Vine to position it where you want it.

How to Use Flying Vine

You must activate the Flying Vine after creating and positioning it. You will enter the aiming mode of the Flying Vine after pressing the necessary button. Either a white crosshair or an orange crosshair will be visible. When there is an orange crosshair, the Zipline cannot be shot to that location by the Flying Vine.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Flying Vine

The Flying Vine can link the Zipline to that location if it displays the White Crosshair. Press the leap and weapon sheath buttons simultaneously to set off the Flying Vine. On Xbox, this is RB + A; on PlayStation, it is R1 + Cross. Your hunter will hop up the line and start covering the ground. You are not required to hold the buttons at all times.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Flying Vine

Use the movement input to halt and reverse your direction or adjust your speed as you zoom in. One of the finest methods to navigate the Wild Hearts universe is to unlock and use the Flying Vine. Install as many ziplines as possible to facilitate your ability to travel long distances.


How do you use Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts?

As anyone who has played Wild Hearts for even a few hours will know, Dragon Karakuri are a great way to organize your hunt. With a tent, campfire, forge, and other essential stations that you might need to use before out hunting, you can utilize them to build a makeshift base camp.

What is the enhanced flying vine in Wild Hearts?

‘Enhanced Flying Vine,’ which is located further along the path, enhances the entire system, making the entire rig more robust and hunting-oriented. Players just need to follow the same procedures as when utilizing it for traversal to employ the Flying Vine in combat.

What does entangled do in Wild Hearts?

Tangled up. Finally, Entangled directly impacts the Karakuri, a novel system that Wild Hearts introduces to the monster hunting genre. Players cannot summon any type of Karakuri—Basic, Fusion, or Dragon—while they are Entangled.

How do you get a large scale in Wild Hearts?

Killing little Kemono, such the Sparkshower Monitor and the Springwatch Monitor, yields large scales. But players will only be able to obtain this material from these Kemono once they have completed chapter 3; up until then, you will instead receive Small Scales.

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.