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Palworld – How to Fix Pals Stuck in Combat Bug


Palworld, a captivating game where players can venture into a world filled with adorable creatures known as Pals, offers a delightful gaming experience. However, like any complex virtual world, Palworld isn’t immune to bugs. One particularly frustrating issue that players may encounter is the “Pals Stuck in Combat” bug. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this bug, its potential causes, and most importantly, how to resolve it effectively.

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Identifying the Symptoms of the Bug

Identifying the symptoms of the “Pals Stuck in Combat” bug is crucial for players seeking to address the issue. When a Pal becomes stuck in combat, players may observe repetitive or erratic behavior from the affected Pal. This could include the Pal continuously attempting to engage in combat despite the absence of enemies or obstacles. Additionally, the Pal may appear frozen or unresponsive, unable to carry out commands or respond to stimuli from the player.

Exploring Potential Causes

To effectively address the “Pals Stuck in Combat” bug, it’s essential to explore potential causes that may be contributing to the issue. One common cause of this bug is pathfinding issues, where the Pal becomes trapped in an area with obstacles or terrain features that impede its movement. Additionally, bugs related to AI behavior or scripting may also play a role, causing the Pal to enter a perpetual combat state due to erroneous instructions or triggers within the game’s code.

Fixing Pals Stuck in Combat Bug

When encountering the frustrating scenario of Pals stuck in combat mode within Palworld, players may feel at a loss for solutions. However, there are indeed two viable options to tackle this issue, each offering its unique approach to resolving the problem and getting gameplay back on track.

The first method involves the construction and utilization of an Alarm Bell within your base. This invaluable device becomes accessible at level four and necessitates the gathering of 20 Stone and 5 Paldium Fragments for its construction. Once deployed and activated, the Alarm Bell serves as a beacon of control, allowing players to dictate the behavior of their base Pals.

With a simple ring, the Alarm Bell can switch the status of Pals from combat mode to their designated tasks, ensuring that productivity resumes without distraction. However, if the Alarm Bell fails to remedy the situation, fret not, for there exists another inventive solution shared by a resourceful Palworld player on Reddit. This alternative method involves a bit of strategic gameplay:

  • Engage a wild Pal and capture its attention, enticing it to follow you back to your base.
  • Lead the wild Pal into the vicinity of your base Pals, allowing them to engage and neutralize the intruder.
  • Witness as the successful elimination of the wild Pal prompts your base Pals to disengage from combat mode, returning to their intended tasks with renewed focus and efficiency.

Palworld - How to Fix Pals Stuck in Combat Bug

These two approaches offer players a proactive means of addressing the “Pals stuck in combat” dilemma, presenting versatile strategies to restore gameplay harmony. Whether through the strategic deployment of the Alarm Bell or the tactical utilization of wild Pals to reset base Pal behavior, players can navigate through technical challenges with ingenuity and resourcefulness, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience in the whimsical realm of Palworld.


How do I unlock the Alarm Bell in Palworld?

The Alarm Bell becomes accessible at level four in Palworld. Players can unlock it by reaching this level and gathering the required resources, which include 20 Stone and 5 Paldium Fragments.

How do I use wild Pals to reset the behavior of my base Pals?

To employ this method, players need to engage a wild Pal and lead it back to their base. Once in proximity to the base, allow the base Pals to engage and neutralize the wild Pal. This successful elimination typically prompts the base Pals to disengage from combat mode and resume their tasks.

How can I prevent Pals from getting stuck in combat mode in the future?

To minimize the occurrence of Pals getting stuck in combat mode, players can regularly monitor their base and surroundings, ensuring that obstacles or pathfinding issues are promptly addressed. Additionally, staying informed about game updates and patches can help players stay ahead of potential bugs or glitches.


In conclusion, the “Pals Stuck in Combat” bug can present a frustrating challenge for players exploring the vibrant world of Palworld. However, by identifying the symptoms, exploring potential causes, implementing temporary workarounds, seeking community support, submitting bug reports, staying informed about updates, and remaining patient and positive, players can effectively navigate this technical hurdle. With a proactive and collaborative approach, players and developers alike can work together to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all.