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Palworld – How to Get Leather


In Palworld, leather is a valuable resource used for crafting various items, including armor, clothing, and accessories. Obtaining leather can be a challenging task, requiring players to hunt and process animals for their hides. In this guide, we will explore the methods and strategies for obtaining leather in Palworld, ensuring that you can craft the gear you need to survive and thrive in the game.

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How to Get Leather

In Palworld, you can harvest Leather by beating or capturing Pals who will drop the material—fur-based Pals from Foxparks, Melpacas, Direhowls, or Vixys, for example. You can either capture or defeat the qualifying furry pal once you’ve located them, granting you access to the Leather.

Palworld - How to Get Leather

Even while farming a lot of the resource could take some time, you can expedite the process by focusing on particular map spots that are home to Pals that drop Leather. The objective is always the same, regardless of whatever Pal you choose to take on: you must beat the creature into submission until it is knocked out or you must capture it in order to obtain Leather.

Strategies for Obtaining Leather

Efficient Hunting:

  • When hunting animals for leather, aim for critical hits to maximize your chances of obtaining hides.
  • Use traps and bait to lure animals into favorable positions for easier hunting.
  • Focus on hunting animals that drop larger amounts of leather, such as bears or bison, to maximize your yield.

Animal Farming:

  • Establish an animal farm and raise animals that yield leather, such as cows or goats.
  • Ensure that your animals are well-fed and cared for to maximize their yield of hides.
  • Harvest hides from your animals regularly to maintain a steady supply of leather.

Trading and Commerce:

  • Engage in trading with other players or NPCs to acquire leather. Offer valuable resources or items in exchange for leather to bolster your crafting supplies.

Quests and Challenges:

  • Participate in quests and challenges that offer leather as a reward. Focus on completing these activities to earn leather and other valuable rewards for your efforts.

Utilizing Leather in Crafting

Armor and Clothing:

  • Leather is used to craft various types of armor and clothing, providing protection and utility to players and their Pals.
  • Craft leather armor sets to enhance your defense and survivability in combat.


  • Leather can also be used to craft accessories such as belts, bags, and pouches. These accessories provide additional storage space and utility to players, allowing them to carry more items and resources.

Upgrades and Enhancements:

  • Leather can be used to upgrade and enhance existing gear and equipment. Use leather to reinforce armor or improve the durability of weapons, making them more effective in combat.


What animals drop leather in Palworld?

Animals such as deer, boars, wolves, bears, bison, cows, and goats can drop leather when killed. Each animal may drop a different amount of leather, so it’s important to target animals that yield the most hides.

Can I raise animals specifically for their leather in Palworld?

Yes, you can raise animals such as cows and goats on a farm specifically for their hides. By feeding and caring for these animals, you can harvest their hides when they are ready and use them for crafting.

Are there any special techniques for hunting animals for leather in Palworld?

Yes, you can use traps, bait, and critical hits to maximize your chances of obtaining hides from animals. Setting traps in strategic locations or using bait to lure animals can make hunting more efficient.

Can I trade with other players or NPCs for leather in Palworld?

Yes, you can trade resources, Pals, or items with other players or NPCs to acquire leather. Trading can be a convenient way to obtain leather without the need for hunting or farming.

Are there any quests or challenges that reward leather in Palworld?

Yes, some quests and challenges in Palworld may reward players with leather. By completing these activities, players can earn leather as a reward, helping them to craft new gear and equipment.


Obtaining leather in Palworld is a crucial aspect of crafting gear and equipment to survive and thrive in the game. By hunting animals, raising animals on a farm, trading with other players or NPCs, and completing quests and challenges, players can acquire the leather they need to craft the gear they desire. So, sharpen your hunting skills, build your farm, and trade wisely to ensure a steady supply of leather for all your crafting needs in Palworld.