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Palworld – How to Use Meat Cleaver


There are moments when all you want to do is part with a friend you’ve adopted. This could result from its poor modifiers or your friends have become stronger, and it’s taking up room in your Palbox. The Meat Cleaver is one of Palworld’s many melee weapons. You can hit trees and companions with your bare hands as the game progresses, but you may also utilize clubs, spears, and more potent combat weapons as you earn technological points. By reading this article, you will discover how to utilize the meat cleaver in Palworld:

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How to Craft Meat Cleaver

You must level up and earn technological points in Palworld in order to obtain a Meat Cleaver. When you get to level 12, the Meat Cleaver unlocks with two technology points:

  • Ingot x5
  • Wood x20
  • Stone x5

Palworld - How to Use Meat Cleaver

Two common resources that are found everywhere are wood and stone. However, you will need to mine ore in order to obtain ingots, which you can then smelt. A friend with the Kindling Work Suitability at your foundation will also be needed for this.

How to Use Meat Cleaver

Once you’ve created a Meat Cleaver, you can use it as a weapon to try to capture friends while out and about in the world. Butchering Pals you’ve already captured with a Meat Cleaver, on the other hand, probably looks about as nice as it sounds. Thankfully, the action fades out of sight, so although the gore may still be present, you won’t see it.

In Palworld, you can butcher friends by doing the following:

Since slaughtering a friend is irreversible, equip the Meat Cleaver as a weapon in one of your inventory slots and call upon a friend you no longer desire. In Palworld, this entails pushing the left shoulder button if you’re using an Xbox.

Palworld - How to Use Meat Cleaver

By using the right stick (RS) to choose the Pal command wheel, select the top Butcher Pal option. Using a command like “Butcher Pengullet,” you can specify which Pal to butcher.

Palworld - How to Use Meat Cleaver

After a brief cutscene, your character can be seen swinging the Meat Cleaver a few times.

Palworld - How to Use Meat Cleaver

Before they disappear, Butchered Pals typically drop meat or other types of loot. If you’ve simply caught too many Pals, using your inner horror movie slasher stereotype to murder them is another easy approach to control your inventory.


How do you slaughter pals in Palworld?

When a Pal is near a cliff, you can use knockback skills to send it over the edge and deal Fall Damage. This glitch provides different levels of damage based on the height of the cliff, unlike the Pal Sphere glitch.

What does butchering do in Palworld?

You can essentially kill your captured pals with the Meat Cleaver in order to perhaps obtain their drops. The game gives you the opportunity to stock up on some dropping items if you have too many Pals.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

No, Pals in Palworld do not undergo any kind of evolution. Although it’s obvious that Palworld draws some inspiration from Pokémon, one of the main distinctions between the two is that the former lacks evolution.

Can you capture a boss in Palworld?

You should be aware that players in Palworld are not normally able to capture Bosses. You will observe a 0.00 Capture Rate if you attempt to do so. But you may add these strong Pals to your collection by employing a glitch. The video tag is not supported by your browser.

Will Palworld be multiplayer?

It supports multiplayer, so grab a friend and embark on an adventure together! Naturally, you may also trade pals and engage in combat with your mates. Up to four people can play together in online cooperative mode.