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One Piece Odyssey – Fast Travel Explained


Having some incredibly spacious open regions in One Piece Odyssey is fantastic when you’re first exploring them. But when you begin to work through the game’s numerous side tasks, you’ll undoubtedly become weary of constantly pacing back and forth across these expansive areas. You can learn how to travel quickly in One Piece Odyssey by reading this article:

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How to Fast Travel

It’s important to note immediately that in One Piece Odyssey, fast travel is impossible until a certain point in the narrative. You will come across and assist a Yoisa about halfway through the Alabasta Memoria section. Then, utilizing Yoisa Taxi Signs dispersed over the globe. You can call it to move from one location to another. These are available on Waford and in Memoria segments.

One Piece Odyssey - Fast Travel Explained

However, you cannot use this mechanism to quickly go from Waford to a specific location within a Memoria. In a similar vein, you can only move between locations that you have activated. There are two ways to go about this: The first is approaching each sign you encounter and using the Circle Button to examine it. Completing Memoria’s story will trigger all of its quick travel points simultaneously, which is the second goal.

When playing through a Memoria, we strongly advise using the first way because it makes it difficult to go back and review passages much easy. We’ve included a screenshot of these Yoisa Taxi Signs below for your reference. The map menu allows you to quickly navigate between activated points after selecting at least two of them.

To accomplish this, click the touchpad to view the map, then hit the Square button. In the smaller portion of a Memoria or Waford that you are now in, you can select to travel between both quick travel points by opening the quick Travel menu.

One Piece Odyssey - Fast Travel Explained

Similarly, you can go between any additional locations that a Memoria has enabled overall. To accomplish this, choose the To Full Area Map option after following the previous instructions. This will bring up a wider map of Waford or the Memoria you are now in, from which you can choose activated fast travel spots.


Can you revisit areas in One Piece Odyssey?

To find items you missed, go back and revisit areas you have already visited. In One Piece Odyssey, a lot of gamers are curious about if they can return to earlier settings and universes after finishing a tale chapter. Yes, is the answer to this.

Can you go back after beating the game in One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey’s vast content allows players to explore wide-open areas of well-known locations from the renowned series, yet even after conquering the game, there are still plenty of objectives to complete and new routes to explore.

Is there Haki in One Piece of Odyssey?

In the game, players can utilize many kinds of Haki to locate hidden objects and other things, but Luffy’s usage of Conqueror’s Haki in combat is quite lethal. It just destroys opponents that are far weaker than Luffy due to the incredible amount of damage it deals.

Can Luffy use gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey?

As a result, as One Piece Odyssey’s plot advances, a lot of fans will probably wonder if Gear 4 is something Luffy can employ. Luffy will use Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey’s Chapter Eight: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa.

Will gear 5 be in One Piece Odyssey?

While Luffy’s new Gear 5 isn’t included in the newest video game, “One Piece Odyssey,” gamers can still explore other character powers on popular gaming platforms. The game takes the Straw Hats to an enigmatic island.