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Payday 3 – How to Mark Guards


In Payday 3, marking guards might be helpful since they enable players to execute all the necessary maneuvers to complete successful heists. Although marking guards in Payday 3 is an easy task, a lot of gamers are unaware that this tool even exists. Because they do not unlock the necessary skill tree, players are unable to mark guards. It’s not that complex, despite the fact that you might find it perplexing or believe you need to acquire a certain expertise in order to use this feature. You may learn how to mark guards in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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Why Should You Always Mark Guards in Payday 3?

Usually, your main objective should be to slip past patrolling guards unless you are boldly entering the area with guns blazing. The guards will raise the alarm and end your chances of pulling off a stealth heist if they notice you or detect you. Tracking the movements of adversaries and guards is made easier when they are marked.

Their silhouettes will show through the terrain and walls. This will enable you to slink past them or, if desired, approach near enough to incapacitate them. Your Stealth skill tree further supplements the skill to mark guards in Payday 3. It is built on stealthy movements, stealthy takedowns, hiding, lockpicking, and other stealthy maneuvers.

How to Mark Guards

After gaining access to the Stealth skill tree, players in Payday 3 can mark guards by doing the following:

  • In Payday 2, players can mark guards by hitting the shout/interact button rather than the use button.
  • To designate a guard, use the middle mouse button on a PC or the D-pad on a controller.
  • The character model will display a highlighted outline once the guard has been marked, enabling gamers to follow them through walls.

Payday 3 - How to Mark Guards

It is important to remember the following two points when marking guards:

  • When confronting a guard, players are unable to mark them.
  • In Payday 3, players are unable to label every guard; instead, they must monitor them by noting their patrol routes or listening for their footsteps.
  • Guards can be marked by players using camera feeds or accessories like the Motion Sensor.
  • If guards notice or identify the player, they will lose their markings.


How do you identify a lead guard in Payday 3?

While lead guards wear uniforms consisting of a shirt and jeans, they also carry extra equipment and wear a cap and Kevlar protective vest.

Can you knock out guards Payday 3?

You must be masked in order to approach a guard from behind and take them down without being noticed. You’ll then receive an instruction to use them as a human shield. To execute the takedown while in this posture, simply hold down the interact button.

What is the main guard in Payday 3?

Their bulletproof vest and security cap set them out from the other guards. They traverse almost the entire map on arbitrary patrol routes. When they are murdered, their radio goes off and they require assistance incessantly, around once every minute.

What are C stacks in Payday 3?

They can be used in-game to purchase goods from merchants that accept payment other than cash. Crucially, actual money cannot be used to acquire C-Stacks because they are not a premium currency. Alternatively, you can turn the loot you get from robberies into C-Stacks.

Is there a wolf in Payday 3?

Another important character from the first Payday, Wolf is a Swedish technician who appears in Payday 3 wearing the white devil mask.