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Starfield – How to Get Lubricant


You’re not the only one who wants some Starfield lube. If you’re trying to finish research projects or make any adjustments to weapons, this essential resource is a must-have, but it might be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. You will want to know precisely where you need to go and what you need to do in order to get the most Lubricant possible because you will need it for a number of various things in the game. Now let’s get going:

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What Is Lubricant?

Starfield - How to Get Lubricant

One material in Starfield that is useful for building and enhancing outposts is lubricant. When you improve equipment and develop on other planets and moons, you have more possibilities thanks to the collection of resources. Lubricant can also be used to investigate upgrades and new technologies, which will enable you to construct and make more beneficial in-game objects.

Where to Find and Get Lubricant

Because it cannot be mined from anything, lubricant is unique among the many other common resources in the game. Normally, you could blast a resource—like a lubricant—out of a rock by using your Cutter, but this resource isn’t one. Your best option is to locate a dealer from whom you may buy the lubricant; fortunately, many retailers will have the resource available in respectable quantities.

Moreover, a lot of them have the ability to restock, so you can come back often to get more. The UC Distribution Center on Jemison is going to be your best option. It has been observed that this dealer not only has a respectable stock of lubricant, but also replenishes it regularly enough so that you can buy their stock, wait a day or two, and then return to buy even more.

Starfield - How to Get Lubricant

Of course, you can also buy more by going to the Jemison Mercantile store here, although they don’t consistently replenish their stock. Combining these two sites will yield a sizable volume of Lubricant in a short period of time. Even better, price of Lubricant is fairly inexpensive, along with every other resource, so you won’t have to break cash to buy a ton of it. With relative ease, you can take the entire stock without significantly depleting your Credits.

In the game, you can also attempt your luck at stealing Lubricant from dead people you encounter. You might find some Lubricant on the person of the person you just took out in a combat, or it could just be a random corpse you come across. Please note that this is not a recommended strategy for obtaining Lubricant and that it is not at all reliable.

Buying lubricant from the Jemison stores is your best option because they have a decent supply and will replenish it frequently, at least for the UC Distribution Center. You’ll quickly have more lubricant than you require if you use both of the shops.

Lubricant has a lot of uses in the game as well, such as weapon mods:

  • Fully Automatic Receiver
  • Binary Trigger Receiver
  • Burst Fire Receiver
  • Stabilizing Barrel
  • Magnetic Rails

You can utilize Lubricant for the following several research projects as well:

  • Barrel Mods 2
  • Receiver Mods 1
  • Manufacturing 2


What is the best source of adhesive in Starfield?

Regretfully, purchasing adhesives from stores like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis is your best option. Although glue is an uncommon material that is typically only found in general/resource stores like Jemison Mercantile, you might be lucky to find it with Trade Authority.

What is the best planet for sealant Starfield?

Though some features of Starfield are random, the Eridani IV planet in the Eridani system is an excellent site to try and collect Sealant from an Outpost. However, there’s no assurance that Sealant will be here for you.

What is the best planet to farm adhesive Starfield?

Gagarin in Alpha Centauri is the most useful for this because it can be accessed nearly instantly. This advice applies to other planets as well, though Gagarin and sweetwater cactus are used as examples. Other planets may have other plants that, when plundered, yield glue.

Is vacuum tape useful in Starfield?

Unfortunately, vacuum tape seems to be a useless product. Vacuum tape serves no purpose for Starfield. You’re better off selling it to the closest vendor for some side credits if you’ve accumulated a lot. It serves no actual utility except from decoration of your ship and house.

How do you get zero wire in Starfield?

The Industrial Workbench and the Simple Fabricator – Zero Wire are the two tools needed to create Zero Wire. Each of these tools will turn one Copper and one Silver into a coil of Zero Wire. The latter, the Simple Fabricator, however, needs a power source to operate and is limited to placement in Outposts.