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Peroxide Crystals Roblox


Peroxide Crystals Roblox

In this article, you will learn about Peroxide crystals Roblox, like how you can get them and what crystals are used for what purposes. Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by the anime Bleach. It allows players to explore the unique world of Bleach, meet its characters, and use their powers. This wiki aims to provide players with helpful information about the game and more about peroxide crystals.

Peroxide crystals are a type of item or gem in the Roblox game Peroxide. They are used to enhance the stats and abilities of your character. There are 12 types of peroxide crystals, each with unique effects.

You must collect 10 Time Relics and $50 to get a peroxide crystal. Then, you can exchange them with Shady Shinigami, located in ASRs Cafe in Karakura Town.

Crystal of Artificiality Peroxide

The Crystal of Artificiality is a rare Reiatsu Crystal in Roblox Peroxide. You can get it from the Shady Shinigami NPC in exchange for 10 Time Relics and 50$. It increases the damage of the move it’s equipped to by 20% when used against NPCs.

To use it, open the Moves menu and drag the Crystal of Artificiality onto the move you want to apply it to. Once it’s equipped, the move will do 20% more damage to NPCs.

The Crystal of Artificiality is a great way to increase your damage output against NPCs. It’s especially helpful for defeating difficult bosses or challenges.

The following are the 13 types of peroxide crystals in Peroxide:

  1. Attack Crystal: Boosts offensive power.
  2. Defence Crystal: Enhances defensive capabilities.
  3. Speed Crystal: Accelerates movement.
  4. Health Crystal: Augments vitality.
  5. Reiatsu Crystal: Amplifies spiritual energy.
  6. Regeneration Crystal: Speeds up recovery rate.
  7. Destruction Crystal: Raises attack damage.
  8. Absorption Crystal: Improves health recovery from strikes.
  9. Dodging Crystal: Elevates evasion probability.
  10. Critical Hit Crystal: Enhances necessary strike likelihood.
  11. Flurry Crystal: Increases consecutive attack count.
  12. Stamina Crystal: Raises endurance capacity.
  13. Stealth Crystal: Enhances invisibility.

How to Get Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide Roblox

Reiatsu crystals are obtained using 10-time relics and 50 units of in-game currency (cash). Essentially, this translates to spending the equivalent of 10 diamonds. These time relics can be acquired from events spawning within the game. Sometimes, you might even get lucky and have a surplus of them and get it for 15 units.

So, head over to the opposite side of Car Occur from Kisuke – that’ll serve as a helpful reference point. Utilize your assault wayfinder to help you navigate. Now, look for the opposite side, and there, you can use ten time relics to obtain a Reiatsu crystal.

Effects of the Peroxide Crystals

The effects of the peroxide crystals stack. This means that you can equip multiple crystals to get even more powerful. You can only have one crystal provided at a time.

Peroxide crystals are a valuable item in the game, and they can be a great way to improve your character’s stats and abilities. If you want to become the strongest Peroxide player, you should definitely get some peroxide crystals.

Note: Gems are obtained for 10 Time Relics, items given at the end of every raid. Once passed to an NPC, you receive a completely random gem. Also, you can only use one gem per skill/move, and gems stay if you use a skill reset.


  • Common: 80%
  • Rare: 18%
  • Legendary: 2%

Please note that peroxide crystals are not genuine crystals, and they do not have any explosive properties. They are simply a game item used to enhance your character’s stats.