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Persona 3 Reload – Getting Part Time Job Explained


The original Persona game that initially introduced the calendar concept to the series is recreated in Persona 3 Reload. Based on the first game, Persona 3 Reload delivers an entirely new gaming experience with upgraded battle systems and gorgeously redesigned graphics. But it also returns, in one way or another, to some of the most important components from earlier ports. You can learn how to obtain a part-time job in Persona 3 Reload by reading this article:

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Why Take A Part-Time Job?

The player will frequently receive the same social stat rewards from part-time employment as from going to the store and making a purchase. in addition to the shift’s salary. The player that works at Chagall Cafe will receive a boost in Charm and a Courage stat for interacting with customers after drinking a cup of Pheromone Coffee.  While travelling somewhere is nearly always preferable to working a part-time job there, these shops won’t need assistance as frequently as they would like players to visit them as consumers.

How to Get A Part Time Job

In Persona 3 Reload, all you have to do to obtain part-time employment is to engage with the shops at Paulownia Mall and the theater at Port Island Station. When you find yourself at the Paulownia mall, you can work part-time at two stores while you’re not solving the secrets of the dark hour.

The Chagall Cafe is the first one you may encounter, and the Be Blue V is the second. Players will have the opportunity to work in the Screen Shot movie theater at Port Island Station in addition to the Paulownia mall. In the game, you will have to interact with these stores at various times on certain days.

Persona 3 Reload - Getting Part Time Job Explained

After that, you’ll see the Work Part-Time option. You will have to adjust your work schedule to fit the various working days of each of these stores, though. Only during the holidays will Persona 3 Reload allow you to work a part-time job at the movie theater.

Having said that, in order to be hired as a barista, you will need to interact with Chagall Cafe throughout the evenings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Any weekday, including Friday, by midday or after school, is when you can engage with the Be Blue V in the game. The money and stats that are increased by each part-time employment in Persona 3 Reload are as follows:

  • Chagall Cafe – Players’ Charm and Courage stats are increased, and they can earn up to 3,500.
  • Be Blue V – Players’ Charm and Academics stats are increased, and they can gain up to 4,500.
  • Screen Shot Movie Theatre – Players’ Charm and Academics stats are increased, and they can earn up to $5,000.


What are the new features of p3 reload?

The game’s new voices, music, and sharp graphics improve the story and give the characters a completely new vibe. With new levels, tough opponents, and uncommon rewards, the revamped Tartarus dungeon adventure increases player involvement, while daily activities break up potentially tedious gaming.

Will Persona 3 Reload have romance?

Except for when you play as the Persona 3 Portable-exclusive female protagonist, all romances are optional now. It’s quite strange to reflect back and realize that in earlier Persona 3 games, you were required to date every female classmate you advanced to maximum rank.

Is it worth playing Persona 3 Portable after FES?

You are the ideal (and maybe the only) target market for this game if you have played FES but not Portable. With the cutscenes deleted and the inability to explore the town, you can experience something fresh in Persona 3 as FEMC without ruining your initial Persona 3 encounter.

What is the best gender in Persona 3 Portable?

However, if you want to experience Persona 3 in the most conventional way possible—as the story was meant to be told—you might be better off sticking with the male protagonist. For those who are new to P3 or seeking a replay with a darker theme, he is suggested. This is the game’s original version.

Should I sleep in class Persona 3 Portable?

If given the chance, you can also take a nap during class to improve your condition to Great while in school. You won’t get into great condition by sleeping through class if you weren’t in good condition to start with.