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Persona 3 Reload – How to Get Twilight Fragments


Twilight Fragments, a new currency that makes your regular Tartatus explorations easier, were added to Persona 3 Reload. While Persona 3 Reload retains many of the original game’s principles, it also includes some new ones, entirely rebuilding the original game from the bottom up. While in Tartarus, the ability to recover HP and SP took on distinct forms in FES and Portable, and it currently employs a new technique in Reload. The following post will walk you through getting Twilight Fragments for Persona 3 Reload:

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What are Twilight Fragments in Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, locked chests can be unlocked with the usage of Twilight Fragments. While exploring the dungeon, you’ll be able to exchange Twilight Fragments with these chests to unlock them and take treasures from within. Keep hold of any fragments you uncover in the game as the quantity you’ll need varies depending on the specific chest.

In addition to opening chests, the Tartarus entry Clock may be activated with 7 Twilight Fragments, which will fully restore the party’s HP and SP. For those who prefer to get right back into battle, using the clock to teleport back to the door before facing a particularly formidable shadow could be a wise strategy.

What does Twilight Fragment do in Persona 3 Reload?

The Twilight Fragment item was initially made available to players in Persona 3 Reload on April 18. When your character gets to your room in the evening, he finds a shiny object on his bed’s pillow. To get the time, interact with it. You may be wondering where to use your shiny new thing now that you have it.

Twilight Fragment in Persona 3 Reload opens locked chests in Tartarus. Rare items like armor and weaponry are frequently found in the unique chests. During your exploration of Tartarus on the evening of April 20, you will receive your first treasure tutorial.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Get Twilight Fragments

To unlock all of the game’s treasure, you will need to gather a large number of Twilight Fragments, though, as certain sealed boxes in Tartarus require multiple of them to open. Fortunately, you can always go back and replay stages you’ve already finished to find any chests you haven’t yet unlocked. In order to get more Twilight Fragment, you can return at a later date if you run out.

How to Get Twilight Fragments

During the day, investigating every area is the most convenient method to locate Twilight Fragments early in the game. After the initial excursion to Tartarus, Twilight Fragments will appear all over the place and can be located and collected whenever you like.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Get Twilight Fragments

Twilight fragments will only occur in small quantities, therefore this is a good place to start collecting Fragments that will run out shortly. They will occasionally stumble upon the crystallized remnants of shadows with blue light in the center while exploring Tartarus. Although they are not very common, they can be destroyed and will provide a Twilight Fragment.

Elizabeth will also provide Twilight Fragments to gamers who create new Social Links or level up existing ones.  Because players won’t have to visit her every time, this strategy can be developed. Though social links yield the best benefits, there are a few Elizabeth requests that also award Twilight Fragments.

Should You Use or Save Twilight Fragments?

Because they are more limited in the early game, you should utilize your fragments wisely. However, as the game progresses, you should use them as aggressively as you can, especially if you enjoy utilizing different characters and want to level them up. The clock always requires seven Twilight Fragments to open, although chests only require one to three.

Long expeditions are a great use for the clock, so you should always have seven of these on hand. Additionally, you should always open the sealed chests that you find after taking out Tartarus’ floor bosses because they are usually filled with exclusive goods like armor and weaponry. Don’t forget to return later if you don’t currently have enough Fragments.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Get Twilight Fragments

If you enjoy spending a day exploring Tartarus once a month, try to accumulate as many Fragments as you can from your regular activities, such as hanging out with friends and building stronger Social Links. In this manner, you ought to always have enough Fragments to cross your current Tartarus border. But remember to bring supplies with you!


What is the dark hour Persona 3?

Every night of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3’s events is known as “The Dark Hour.” The majority of individuals are not aware of the Dark Hour and are unable to enter it. But for those who can experience it, the world and time stop between midnight and 12:01 in the morning.

What language is Persona 3 Reload ps5?

There are two versions of this content available: one in English and one in Asian languages (Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese). Put yourself in the position of a transfer student who enters the hour “hidden” between one day and the next and is thrown into an unforeseen destiny.

Is Persona 3 Reload a remake?

Players used to contemporary quality of life amenities would find it challenging to persevere through many of the original game’s mechanics. Persona 3 Reload, a thorough remake of the original game that heavily references Persona 5’s aesthetic, has provided a solution to this issue.

Is FES in Persona 3 Portable?

Over the years, Persona 3 has also been released in three separate versions: Persona 3 (the original), Persona 3 FES (an improved version), and Persona 3 Portable (a portable console version).