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Persona 5 Royal – Strength Confidant Guide


Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is the latest Persona game from Atlus and it’s available on PlayStation 4. Persona 5 has an in-depth story that can be enjoyed by gamers who love RPGs, but Persona 5 Royal has a lot more depth to explore with the new characters and dungeons. One of these characters is The Strength Confidant, and this guide will show you how to rank up your relationship with her!

The Velvet Room Twins in Persona 5 Royal are a place where you can meet with your strength and find out more about it. They’ll teach the different ways to train this character stat as well as what bonuses are available for each version of them throughout story mode or coop multiplayer modes (online only).Strength Friends don’t ask much except fulfilling certain errands from time-to-time so be sure not neglecting any potential opportunities!

The Strength partner in Persona 5 is one of the most compelling companions to have. They don’t come through story movement or energy spent with them, but instead by satisfying certain errands that are allotted only for this character combination!

A large portion of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal’s friend participation connections level up through hanging out and investing energy with the character being referred to, yet one collaboration is very unique: that for the strength arcana, the Full Details On Persona 5 The Royal Wardens Caroline and Justine, the corrections officers in this jail themed cycle of The Velvet Room.

After just a few hours of time with them, the Twin Wardens need your help to open up more Velvet Room capacities for you. As they level up and get better at what they do best- fighting monsters in Persona 5’s dungeons – their power will also grow exponentially improving it on both offense as well as defense! And don’t worry about becoming too acquainted; understanding each persona individually takes study but is worth every ounce when everything comes down around those final ten minutes before victory or defeat.

Strength Confidant Rank 1

  • Jack Frost learns this skill naturally at level 12. You can pick him up in Madarame’s Palace or the Path of Chemdah on levels 3 and 4.
  • Alternatively, you can fuse Kelpie/Succubus or Silkie/Berith to get him.

Strength Confidant Rank 2

Your next task is delivering Ame-no-Uzume with the Frei ability. It doesn’t happen normally in the Persona 5 Royal, and you’ll should be in any event Level 16 to play out the vital combination of Suzaku and Berith. Then again, you could intertwine Cait Sith (found in Kamoshida’s Palace) with Succubus and utilize an expertise card to instruct Frei. In the event that you have Persona 5 save information on your framework, you can get a Frei card (among others) by looking at the cardboard box in your loft room.

Strength Confidant Rank 3

The twin superintendents’ third assignment for you is quite simple in Royal and truly isn’t a very remarkable test by any means. You need to give Flauros the Tarukaja ability.

The best way to intertwine Flauros is by three-way combination, utilizing Eligor, Berith, and Orobas. Eligor learns Tarukaja at Level 16, and that is likewise the least level conceivable you can acquire it at. So all in all, simply do the three-way combination and ensure you convey Tarukaja over. You can decide to prepare a Persona 5 Royal through Lockdown now, where they’ll acquire another ability or a natural obstruction.

Strength Confidant Rank 4

Achieving Rank 4 will take a few combinations, except if you either luck out or stand by only a tad. This time, you need to meld Phoenix with the Persona 5 Game Guide And Walkthrough expertise. The typical method to do this will be this:

  • Breaker or acquire Yaksini. The least expensive technique is combining Hua Po (Madarame’s Palace or Mementos) with Jack o’ Lantern (Kamoshida’s Palace or Mementos). Yaksini conveys the Counter expertise.
  • Circuit Yaksini with Kelpie (Kamoshida’s Palace, the Mad Marsh Horse)

Whatever your technique, you’ll should be at any rate level 21 to meld Phoenix.

Keep Phoenix around or make sure you have cash to gather it later. It’s the primary Persona 5 Royal of the Faith Arcana, and you’ll require it for a lift in Kasumi’s Confidant occasions.

Strength Confidant Rank 5

Following up, you’ll combine Setanta with the Rakukaja expertise. Setanta’s base level is 25, however you’ll have to stand by until Level 26 to intertwine it.

That is on the grounds that you’ll have to combine Lamia first, who gets Rakukaja consequently. At that point, simply meld Lamia with Silky, and there you go.

Rank 5 opens up Special Handling, which was recently restricted to rank ten. Uncommon Handling allows you to combine Personas of a more significant level than your present one, which is inconceivably helpful.

It’s likewise extraordinarily costly. Pursuing for a Persona 5 Royal even only five or ten levels higher than your current can cost as much as 40,000 Yen. You can break the game utilizing Special Handling, yet you’ll have to load up on your money stores to do it.

Strength Confidant Rank 6

Rank six actually requests that you intertwine Neko Shogun with Dekaja. There are two approaches to this.

The first is the standard triple combination, with Anzu, Sudama, and Kodama. Anzu learns Dekaja at level 28, so in case you’re Hierophant Confidant is level four or higher, you can raise it to that level through combination without pounding.

You’ll get Anzu with

  • Orobas x Regent (treasure Shadow)
  • Dark Ooze x Matador

Orobas has the expertise normally, so in the event that you do have Regent, that is an approach to get Dekaja on Anzu without the fitting Hierophant Confidant rank.

On the other hand, you can intertwine Orobas with High Pixie to get Sudama. Pass the Dekaja expertise from Orobas to Sudama, at that point utilize that Sudama in the triple combination.

Persona 5 Royal

Strength Confidant Rank 7

Rank seven needs Lacheisis with Tetraja once more, and you’ll should be level 35 or, once more, hand over the cash.

The most straightforward approach to do this is to begin with Principality (level 29), since it knows Tetraja naturally. Your least expensive alternative for this is combining Archangel with Regent (accepting you got it back in Madarame’s Palace) or High Pixie with Onmoraki.

Then, get Sandman. You’ll see them in Futaba’s Palace or you can meld your own with

  • Nekomata x Regent
  • Leanan Sidhe x Black Ooze

Sandman with Principality gives you Thoth, Persona 5 Royal you’ll clearly have to give Tetraja to it. Breaker Thoth with Anzu, and you’ll get Lachesis.

The other alternative includes combining Clotho with Regent, in the wake of evening out your Clotho up to 28 so it learns Tetraja. On the off chance that you’ve set up the Fortune Confidant at rank at least two, that will not need any pounding either in light of the fact that Clotho’s base level is 27.

Strength Confidant Rank 8

Following up, you’ll intertwine Hecatoncheires with Persona 6 Release Date Updates, and that expects you to be level 42. Expecting you haven’t procured the ability through caution combinations (more on that beneath), there’s only one approach to get this blend:

  • Lilim x Anzu

The kicker is Lilim must be level 34 to learn Masukunda. You’ll initially experience Lilim in Okumura’s Palace as the “One Who Brings Ruin” Shadow, at level 32.

Or then again, you can rank the Devil Confidant (Ohya the columnist) up to four or higher and intertwine

  • Andras x Queen’s Necklace (treasure Shadow)
  • Ara Mitama x Naga

Strength Confidant Rank 9

Bugs with Samrecarm is your next task, actually like previously. It’s level 49 this time, however. There’s a very simple approach to do this one that doesn’t include granulating of any sort. To start with, ensure you’re taking the Twin Wardens out on trips. The fourth is an excursion to the congregation in Kanda, and you’ll get a Samrecarm expertise card as a prize. On the off chance that you haven’t effectively utilized it without making duplicates with Yusuke. The triple combination of Hariti, Pixie and Pisaca is a great way to get started. Then use your ability card on the next Persona 5 Royal!

Strength Confidant Rank 10

Rank ten’s undertaking is melding Seth with High Counter, which means you’ll should be level 51 or stacked. This one has two ways relying upon when you need to complete it.

On the off chance that you need it as quick as could really be expected. First get Dakini to even out 52, where it learns High Counter. You can discover it in Shido’s Palace, November 25 yet the non-grindy approach to get it is, as usual, combination.

In any case, when your Dakini has High Counter, intertwine it with Ame-noUzume to get Anubis. The best way to get a powerful effect from Thoth and Horus is by combining into five methods. This will help increase your chances at getting “High Damage,” which can be very helpful in battle!

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