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Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars Cards to Watch For


Because of the recent release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars expansion, it’s a good opportunity to take a look at which new cards will be illuminating the battlefield. It is via this set that players are introduced to Pokémon VSTAR, which are an evolution of Pokémon V and have their own set of VSTAR Powers. Make yourself awe-inspiring by using VSTAR Powers; they produce such powerful effects that you can only employ one of them at a time in a game. There are also a number of additional fascinating Pokémon, Trainer cards, and Energy cards included in the collection, which will brighten certain decks while leaving others completely black. Continue reading to find out which cards in Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars are the most brilliant.

Arceus VSTAR Earns a Starring Role

Arceus’s legend lives on in the Pokémon TCG with the release of Arceus VSTAR. You can attach up to three basic energy cards to your Pokémon V in any way you wish with the help of Trinity Nova, a strong attack that inflicts 200 damage on the opponent’s Active Pokemon. You might argue it’s out of this planet in terms of how effective this attack is.

The attack cost of Trinity Nova is three Colorless Energy, therefore Arceus VSTAR may utilize any basic Energy or the new Double Turbo Energy to counter it….. It’s not strong enough to knock out the toughest opponents, but it can knock off two-prize support Pokémon like Lumineon V and Crobat V in a single hit, putting your Pokémon V on the Bench in prime position to strike.

The new Cheren’s Care Supporter card can aid Arceus VSTAR get back on track if things become rough. Cheren’s Care, unlike Scoop Up Net, gives you all the cards tied to Arceus VSTAR. Double Turbo Energy and the new Choice Belt Tool card may be recovered and redistributed using this method.

When it comes to Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars, the VSTAR Power of Arceus VSTAR is unmatched. The player can search their deck for up to two cards and place them into their hand using the Starbirth ability. You can use Starbirth to find your situational tech cards, ensure a Supporter card for the turn, or put together a Knock Out. In fact, players may include Arceus VSTAR in their deck simply to benefit from its VSTAR Power. Choosing the perfect companion for Arceus VSTAR will be a major task for gamers.

Lumineon V Wins Best Supporting Pokémon

It would be odd if Lumineon V didn’t receive a chance to shine in Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars. This Pokémon’s Luminous Sign Ability has excited many players, and they expect it to be used in a variety of decks.

As soon as Lumineon V is placed on the Bench, the player can search their deck for a Supporter card. Being able to access Supporter cards at the proper moment is critical to a deck’s winning approach. If you’re looking for a new Gloria Supporter card, Lumineon V can locate it at the beginning of the game, or you may hunt for Boss’s Orders so that you can target your opponent for the ultimate Knock Out.

In any deck that includes cards like Quick Ball or Ultra Ball, you have the option of splashing in Lumineon V. If you see Lumineon V on the battlefield with any of these popular Trainer cards, don’t be shocked.

Since the Wonder Tag Ability of Tapu Lele-GX and Stellar Guidance Ability of Jirachi-EX are nearly identical, longtime fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) would recognise the impact of Lumineon’s V’s Luminous Sign. In their respective epochs, Tapu Lele-GX and Jirachi-EX were widely used and had a significant impact on deck construction. There is a good chance that you may feel like a fish out of water without Lumineon V.