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Preventable Tragedy: Depression in Teens and What Should be Done



“Depression in being color-blind and constantly being told how colorful the world is.” – Atticus

As we are familiar it is an unspeakable struggle with your own mind, a battle you or your loved one has to fight in a silence which has the power to crumble down every wall of sanity, and unfortunately, no one has the courage to come out and try to minimize it, if not end it.

Ending your life seems like a better option, to many of us waging muted wars with depression.

Statistics have brought into light that out of 10,123 adolescents, 11% suffer from life threatening depressive episodes by the time they reach the threshold of adulthood. Now, since it is affecting people of all ages, being especially common with teenagers (and about 350 million people in total), let’s have a glance at some of  the underlying causes that shatter households every once in a while.

  • Genetic vulnerability
  • Continuance of problems like long term isolation
  • Pertinence of unrequited or uncaring relationship
  • Any kind of perpetual stressful living conditions or incidents
  • Death of someone from immediate family

How to help yourself and also the person who needs it:

  1. Routine: Following a daily routine despite problems and unwillingness to do anything, has helped people. Never stop pushing yourself because once you get pulled in, there is no coming out.
  2. Exercise: This includes jogging, doing yoga, skipping, playing badminton in a nearby park or simply taking a long walk in your colony. Just do it until all negative thoughts are blurred.
  3. Doing what you love:  You no longer feel safe, wanted, loved and cared for. There is a bottomless graveyard of lost feelings in your chest and it keeps getting heavier than you can carry or bury. So, in times like these, just do what you feel good about. Be it art, be it music, be it reading, be it freestyle dancing, anything you feel confident about. Anything that satiates your anger and irritation.

Depression is being totally numb from inside, not breathing, not thinking, and just not mere sadness. So, heal and get healed.

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