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Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, Weapons]


Looking to dominate as the ultimate support in Remnant 2? Want to keep your team alive and thriving? The Best Medic Build is your answer. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential perks, skills, and weapons you need to become a formidable Medic.

With the right armor sets like Fae Royal and weapons like Labyrinth Staff and Rune Pistol, along with skills like Vial: Elixir of Life and Healing Shield, you’ll be the ultimate healer. Let’s uncover the secrets together!

Best Equipment for the Medic (Armor & Weapons)

The best equipment for you, the Medic, includes the Fae Royal full set armor and the Labyrinth Staff with the Dervish upgrade for reduced skill cooldown on melee kills. The Fae Royal armor provides around 160 armor and is of medium weight, giving you a good balance of protection and mobility.

Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, Weapons]

The Labyrinth Staff with the Dervish upgrade allows you to decrease the cooldown time of your skills whenever you get melee kills. This combination of armor and weapon will enhance your effectiveness as a Medic, allowing you to support your team with healing and reviving abilities while also being able to defend yourself in combat.

Best Medic Skills & Class in Remnant 2

To optimize your effectiveness as a Medic in Remnant 2, focus on utilizing the Alchemist class for access to the Vial: Elixir of Life skill. Prioritize keeping yourself and allies alive while reviving fallen teammates.

Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, Weapons]

The Vial: Elixir of Life creates a cloud that regenerates HP, prevents lethal damage, and revives players. This skill is crucial for maintaining the health of your team during intense battles.

Additionally, make sure to equip the Nimues Ribbon ring for increased healing effectiveness and Haste. This will allow you to heal more efficiently and act quickly in critical situations. The Burden of the Divine ring is also recommended, as it transfers self-healing to allies, further enhancing your support capabilities.

Traits such as Triage, Vigor, and Expertise will greatly enhance your healing abilities. Triage increases the effectiveness of healing items, Vigor increases your maximum health, and Expertise reduces the cooldown of your skills. Remember to stack defensive and healing stats to improve your survivability and healing output. Maintaining short cooldowns is important for constant healing and reviving, so be mindful of your skill rotations.

Lastly, adapt your build for different difficulty levels. Higher difficulty levels may require more emphasis on healing and defensive capabilities. Feel free to share your favorite Medic build and difficulty level in the comments below!

Remnant 2 Offensive Medic Build

Are you looking to maximize your damage output while still maintaining healing abilities as an Offensive Medic in Remnant 2? The Offensive Medic Build is the perfect fit for you. This build allows you to have high self-sustain while being useful in a group scenario.

Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, Weapons]

By utilizing shields and lifesteal mechanics, you can reduce incoming damage and heal yourself with each point of damage dealt. The Difference Engine grants lifesteal, while Nightfall’s mod enhances its effect. Stacking shields through items and abilities provides additional damage reduction and healing.

Recommended weapons for this build include Hand Guns like the Double Barrel, which allows you to maintain distance while dealing damage. The Enigma is also a viable option for faster group clear potential. With the Offensive Medic Build, you can excel in both offense and healing, making you a valuable asset to any team.

Best Medic Rings

Looking for the perfect addition to your Medic build? Check out the Nimues Ribbon, it increases healing effectiveness and grants Haste. The Nimues Ribbon is a must-have ring for any Medic looking to maximize their healing potential. With its increased healing effectiveness, you’ll be able to keep your teammates in the fight for longer and ensure their survival.

Remnant 2: Best Medic Build [Perks, Skills, Weapons]

Additionally, the Haste granted by the Nimues Ribbon will allow you to act more quickly, providing crucial healing and support when it’s needed most. Whether you’re playing solo or in a group, the Nimues Ribbon is an essential piece of equipment for any Medic build. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your healing capabilities with this powerful ring.

Best Medic Traits in Remnant 2

The best Medic traits in Remnant 2 are Fortify and Triage. Fortify increases armor effectiveness, providing additional protection against enemy attacks. This trait is crucial for a Medic as it allows you to withstand more damage while healing your allies. Triage, on the other hand, boosts your healing abilities. It ensures that your teammates receive maximum health restoration. With Triage, you can keep your team alive and healthy, even in the most intense battles.

These traits are essential for a successful Medic build. They focus on defense and support, allowing you to effectively fulfill your role as a healer and protector. Remember to prioritize these traits when customizing your Medic character for optimal gameplay.

Regenerator Guardian Build
Main Archetype Medic
Secondary Archetype Challenger
Main Skill Healing Shield
Secondary Skill Rampage
Primary Weapon Setup
    • Nightfall
    • Twisting Wounds Mutator


Secondary Weapon Setup
    • Double Barrel
    • Slayer Mutator
    • Healing Shot


Melee Weapon
    • Any greatsword
    • Shield Breaker Mutator


Amulet Difference Engine
    • Rerouting Cable
    • Tightly Wound Coil
    • Generating Band
    • Faerin’s Sigil


Armor Any medium or heavy armor set
Relic Quilted Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Alternative Weapons That Can Be Used in the Offensive Medic Build?

In the offensive medic build, you have several alternative weapon options. Consider using hand guns like the Double Barrel or the Enigma for ranged damage, or a greatsword for close quarters combat. Adapt your weapon choices to your playstyle and preferences.

How Does the Quilted Heart Relic Synergize With the Rerouting Cable?

The Quilted Heart relic synergizes with Rerouting Cable by providing shield and health regeneration when rolling. It enhances survivability, allowing you to heal and maintain your offensive capabilities during combat.

Can the Offensive Medic Build Be Effective in a Group Scenario, or Is It Primarily for Solo Play?

The Offensive Medic Build can be effective in a group scenario, providing high self-sustain while supporting teammates. It utilizes shields, lifesteal, and certain weapons to reduce damage and heal.

Are There Any Specific Consumables or Items That Are Recommended for the Medic Build?

For the best Medic build, specific consumables and items are recommended. These include the Fae Royal full set for armor, Labyrinth Staff with Dervish upgrade, Rune Pistol with Bandit upgrade, Nightfall Long Gun, and Resonating Heart relic for increased regeneration.

Is the Offensive Medic Build Viable in Higher Difficulty Levels, Such as Nightmare or Apocalypse?

Yes, the offensive medic build is viable in higher difficulty levels like Nightmare or Apocalypse. It provides high self-sustain and group support with shields, lifesteal, and damage reduction. Experiment with different archetypes and relics for optimal effectiveness.


In conclusion, the Best Medic Build in Remnant 2 offers players the opportunity to become the ultimate support character. By focusing on healing, shielding, and reviving teammates, the Medic archetype can keep their team alive and thriving in dangerous situations.

With the right equipment, skills, rings, and traits, players can create a formidable Medic character that excels in their role. So, if you’re ready to fulfill the vital role of a Medic, follow this guide and become the ultimate support in Remnant 2.