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Remnant 2: Blood Moon Essence Farm


The sequel is now available for those who enjoyed the original Remnant: From the Ashes. And much like the original, there are a ridiculous amount of weapons, armor, amulets, rings, and other items to collect. For example, to unlock a hidden Archetype that requires a lot of a special Material called “Blood Moon Echoes,” players must collect many of them in the planet of Yaesha. This walkthrough will show you where to find Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2:

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How to Get Blood Moon Essence

Killing the purple wisp-like entities during a Yaesha Blood Moon is the only way to collect the rare resource known as Blood Moon Essence. The sky during a regular moon will appear greyish blue through the trees, but during a blood moon, the sky will have a reddish hue.

Remnant 2: Blood Moon Essence Farm

The wisps are usually located at a greater height, making them easier to spot and eliminate from a greater distance. You can see what they look like in the picture. Among the best places to gather Blood Essence on Yaesha are:

  • Faithless Thicket
  • The Forbidden Grove
  • The Far

The Blood Moon Event & How It Works

First of all, for those who are unfamiliar with the ‘Blood Moon Event,’ it is a random occurrence in the Yaesha world where players will notice that the entire zone has been tinted a bit red due to the bright red moon in the sky. This is most commonly seen in the Far Woods or the Faithless Thicket. The name “Blood Moon” refers to the fact that, when seen from a clear area, the moon will appear to be glowing a blood red color during this Event.

Remnant 2: Blood Moon Essence Farm

During a Blood Moon, players can encounter Root Wisps, small glowing enemies that can be found flying around the entire area the moon is active in. When these are destroyed, a bright purple orb will fly into them, and the player will gain 1x Blood Moon Essence. Then, they can use this Essence to buy anything from an Archetype Engram to an Armor Set and even a Concoction or two at the Bloodmoon Altar (if it spawned in their roll of Yaesha).


Can you force a blood moon Remnant 2?

If the blood moon is not visible, simply advance your system time by one hour and enter a fog wall; if this fails to produce the desired result, simply repeat the process.

How do you farm root wisps in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, spawning a Blood Moon generates a large number of Root Wisps that must be killed before the game can progress. You can easily farm a large quantity of Essence by repeatedly traveling to and from the Moon and destroying waves upon waves of Wisps.

Who is the final boss in Remnant 2?

Annihilation is the final boss of the game, and poses a large and long challenge to players. It may be discovered at the Blackened Citadel, in Root Earth. Bosses are the ultimate Enemies as they present a more demanding combat than Enemies or “Elite” Enemies.

How much blood essence do you need Remnant 2?

If you’re curious, you’ll need a grand total of 66 Blood Moon Essence to acquire everything on the Bloodmoon Altar.

What is the best weapon to fight annihilation Remnant 2?

Since Annihilation’s main body hovers above the battlefield for the majority of the conflict, long guns are among the most effective weaponry.