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Starfield: How to Get to the Nova Galactic Staryard


You can get a lot of different ship parts from any Ship Services Technician in Starfield, but they don’t have everything. Certain Technicians in places like the Deimos Staryard and HopeTown offer parts exclusive to their company. Starfield is home to a vast network of space stations, each of which performs a unique function. Learn in this post where to look for Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield, and how to get it:

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What Awaits In Nova Galactic Staryard

Both of those gangs of pirates are actively working to kill you, so be ready to defend yourself with firearms and medical supplies. If your trip to Nova Galactic Staryard is part of the Constellation’s mission, then you must retrieve a message from the unfinished spaceship’s control module.

Starfield: How to Get to the Nova Galactic Staryard

However, if you are coming back after the quest, the enemies will respawn inside the space station again. Nova Galactic Staryard does not sell ships or ship parts, but it does sell a wide variety of loot, including medical supplies (Med Packs and Trauma Packs), weapons, and spacesuits. Because there are so many foes within the station, there should be plenty of dead bodies to rummage through.

Inside Nova Galactic Staryard, you won’t find any non-player characters, thus there won’t be any side tasks to pick up. Constellation’s objective requires you to walk inside the station, where a vast number of opponents of varying levels (Level 12, Level 24, and even Level 34) await you.

Where to Find The Nova Galactic Staryard

Starfield: How to Get to the Nova Galactic Staryard

In the SOL solar system, Nova Galactic Staryard is now in orbit around Earth’s moon, Luna. Unlike the other space stations, you shouldn’t anticipate a friendly greeting from the personnel when you arrive at Nova Galactic. After all, this station has been deserted, and as soon as you step inside, you’ll notice that Ecliptic warriors and Spacers are engaged in combat within the station itself.

Starfield: How to Get to the Nova Galactic Staryard

Where to Buy Nova Galactic Ship Parts

Nova Galactic’s ship components can be found on Saturn’s moon Titan, specifically in the New Homestead landing zone. A Ship Services Technician ought to be standing close to a Trade Authority kiosk as you touch down. Speak to them, then ask them to see and modify your ships. Nova Galactic’s Habs and Structural pieces, among others, should be available in the Ship Builder after that.


What is the secret note in Nova Galactic Staryard?

When searching the bodies of Spacer foes on the Nova Galactic Staryard, you should seek for a message reading “Secret Outpost!” If you steal and read it, you’ll be given The Mantis side task. It’s time to perform a gravity jump.

Where is Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield?

The Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield can be located in the Sol System, close to Luna (the moon of Earth).

What happened to Nova Galactic Staryard?

By the year 2330, Nova Galactic Staryard had been taken over as a safe haven by a group of Spacers. After discovering this, UC Vanguard member Moara Otero began routinely docking at the staryard without the knowledge of the Spacers and stealing supplies from them in an effort to scare them away.

What happened to Earth in Starfield?

After the invention of the Grav Drive in the mid-2100s, Earth’s entire inhabitants was compelled to leave their home planet. The groundbreaking discovery that launched us into space and allowed us to begin colonizing other planets was made by Dr. Victor Aiza.