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Remnant 2: Unlocking the New Traits Guide


Remnant 2 is not your ordinary role-playing game. In order to succeed in this fantastic environment and press forth, players must take several things into mind, characteristics being one of the most important. Tomes of Knowledge, represented by purple artifacts in the campaign and Adventure mode, are a key source of Trait Points, which are used to raise a character’s level. To learn how to gain access to New Traits Remnant 2, read on!

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How to Unlock New Traits

There are around 30 different traits in Remnant 2, split into three groups, and only some of them can be unlocked.

  • Core Traits
  • Archetype Traits
  • Unlockable Traits

Remnant 2: Unlocking the New Traits Guide

Core traits are the rudimentary sets of traits that players start with at the beginning of the game. However, players can only benefit from the characteristics of their chosen archetype. Lastly, as the name says, players can only obtain unlockable qualities as they progress. Here are a few strategies for gaining access to additional abilities.

Remnant 2: Unlocking the New Traits Guide

  • Defeating Bosses
  • Completing Quests
  • Completing Events
  • Answering Questions asked by NPCs

Trait Types & Differences

Remnant 2 features three different kinds of Traits: Archetype Traits, Core Traits, and just plain Traits. We’ll call these Unlockable Characteristics to set them apart from the other two. Just as their name suggests, Archetype Traits are passive powers available solely to specific Archetypes. Archetypes can be thought of as Remnant 2’s version of standard role-playing game classes.

While only one of these Traits is initially available to each class, players can equip a second whenever they find an Engram that enables a new Archetype. Characteristics at the core are much easier to understand. There are a total of four different ones in the game, and all Archetypes have access to them. In the early game, when you don’t have a lot of options, these Traits can be highly helpful despite their simplicity.

Remnant 2: Unlocking the New Traits Guide

This section of Unlockable Traits has the greatest options, but you’ll have to make an effort to acquire many of the passive skills here. It’s important to remember that your Archetype Trait will evolve in tandem with your character’s level. Meanwhile, using Trait Points, players might raise the levels of their Core and Unlockable Traits.

Unlockable Traits

The effects and unlock requirements for all of Remnant 2’s playable qualities are listed in the table below.

Trait How to Unlock Effect
Amplitude Get rid of the enemies in Labyrinth Increases area of effect
Arcane Strike Get the better of Harvestor’s reach of enemies. Strengthens mod power generation
Barkskin Select the answers from Doe’s Eye for Meidra’s questions. Reduces incoming damage
Blood Bond Conquer the Root Nexus boss battle in Yaesha. The Archetype Summons soaks up damage for the caster
Bloodstream Acquire the Ravenger’s eye from Miedra in Yaesha. Enhances grey health regen
Fitness Successfully navigating the Vault of the Formless in N’Erud Increases evade distance
Footwork Participation in the Train Horde battle in Terminous Station on N’Erud. Boosts the movement speed.
Glutton Joining the Feast event in Multiplayer Enhances the rate of using consumables and relics.
Handling Get rid of the dungeons on Root earth. Decreases weapon recoil
Recovery Rescue the Dran Childs and interact with Oracle Speeds up stamina regeneration.
Resonance Trigger the purge to kill the protagonist in Dormant N’Erudian Facility. Enhances aura size
Revivalist Revive teammates more than 10 times. Speeds up the reviving process
Rugged Rescuing the NPC in the Forgotten field on Yaesha. Enhances Summon’s health.
Scholar Defeat the final boss. Strengthens Experience gain.
Shadeskin Wrap up the Losomn burning event before the man catches fire Boost the capacity to withstand elemental status damage.
Siphoner Beat hordes of enemies at Dorman’t N’Erudian Facility. Strengthens the lifesteal.
Wayfarer Get rid of the boss in Corrupted Harbor. Strengthens traversal movement.


How do you get 20 traits in Remnant 2?

Defeating bosses and anomalies is a requirement for acquiring traits. When an archetype reaches level 10, its corresponding trait becomes permanently available, enhancing its accomplishment. If you’re playing in single player, you’ll need to get to level 10 with six different archetypes before you can unlock the attributes that are only available in multiplayer.

Can you max all traits in Remnant 2?

The player has a total of 295 Trait Points at their disposal, but can only freely allocate 65 of them. This means that players will have to prioritize which Traits they wish to focus on developing in order to reach their optimum potential.

Can you get more than 60 trait points in Remnant 2?

Getting an archetype trait to max level makes it available for use by any archetype, but doing so uses up one of your 60 available trait points. Because of this, increasing your build’s strength or individuality through attributes alone has a hard limit.

Is there a trait cap Remnant 2?

The first substantial update for Remnant 2, released on April 23rd, raised the maximum Trait Point cap to 65. Tomes of Knowledge also now provide Scrap and experience for the player’s active Archetypes.