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Research Paper on Video Game Violence: Writing Tips and Topics


Students write different academic papers to check and develop their skills. Besides, they always cover quite different topics, and it expands their horizons. They dig deeper into various issues and try to define the truth. They become more experienced and wise, which positively affects their future lives. One of the standards of academic assignments is to write a research paper. Oftentimes, teachers and professors assign topics related to video game violence.

The issue of violence in video games is hotly debated in the last decade. Therefore, research papers devoted to this issue may be challenging for students. Thus, some of them request a research paper writing help from experts online. They know about the huge potential of custom research paper writing services and hope for professional writing support. Nevertheless, we are convinced that students can handle this challenge on their own by using smart writing tips and topics suggested in our help article.

Research Paper Topics Related to Video Game Violence

When it comes to a selection of a topic, you should be very careful. You should never repeat yourself and other authors. The topic is supposed to be original, informative, and focused on a concrete issue. Violence in video games is a very popular topic, which is discussed for many years. People have quite contrary opinions. Some claim that there’s nothing horrible about the violent content. The others claim that it ruins kids’ psyche.

Accordingly, you may select any side. All you need to do is to play with the formulation of the main question. Here are some good examples:

  1. Violence in video games negatively reflects on children’s behavior.
  2. Violent video games do not make children violent.
  3. Scientific proofs about the impact of violent video games on children.
  4. Video games with violent content can potentially trigger aggression in children.
  5. Should violent video games be banned?
  6. How can a video game with violent content affect little children?
  7. Can teenagers become cruel if they play violent video games?
  8. The impact of gaming on children.
  9. The effects of violent video games vs. violent movies on children.
  10. Brain Effects from Video Games for schoolers.

Tips about Choosing a Topic

You’re welcome to use any of the topics we have suggested. However, you should also learn vital facts about a topic selection in general. There are a few important things you should always keep in your mind.

  • It must be interesting to you. Be sure you’re enthusiastic about the chosen topic. Otherwise, you may find it challenging to cover the issue.
  • Connect it to your readers. Know the needs of your audience and make the topic appealing to them.
  • Find enough data. Sometimes students cannot cover a topic that seems to be perfect because they lack evidence. Therefore, make sure you have enough sources to do that.
  • Suit your teacher’s guidelines. Check whether your topic fully fits the demands of your academic supervisor.

Mind that the initial topic may be reworked after you finish the text. Oftentimes, some unexpected outcomes affected the topic choice, and writers had to change it a bit. Therefore, all your topics are commonly “working topics”, which means they may be changed after you’re done with text writing.

How to Write a Research on Video Game Violence

After you decide what issue to disclose, you may go to the writing and post-writing stages. Several checked tips will help you to organize the working process and avoid possible errors. Firstly, create a good outline, which includes all your ideas. It sets clear deadlines and shows your intentions. You can mark your ideas in the following ways:

  • Create note cards;
  • Use a web diagram;
  • Collaborate with your friend;
  • Create a bullet list.

Next comes your thesis statement. It may be likewise reshaped after you finish the text because the outcomes may turn to be quite unexpected. At any rate, a good thesis statement must be:

  • Informative;
  • Straight to the point;
  • Clear; 
  • Convincing;
  • Strong.

When it comes to writing the main body paragraphs, they should contain your methods of research, all the data, discussion, and outcomes. We have a few important tips for your consideration:

  • Smooth transitions. Make sure that you logically connect various parts of the text. When you end a paragraph, the next one should logically continue the issues highlighted before.
  • Balanced quotes. A scientific project commonly includes several quotes from other scientists or their experiments. When you use quotes, make sure the ratio of your own words, paraphrases, and quotes is equal. If there are too many thoughts of other people, your teacher may think that you weren’t so enough.
  • Correct formatting. Give close heed to the assigned writing format. It may be APA or MLA. However, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and other formats are possible. As they have some differences, you ought to attentively check all the guidelines.
  • A list of references. You will surely use various information resources. Make sure you keep a careful record of every resource to attach it to the paper according to the writing format.

After you check these things, reread the entire research paper once again. You can run a grammar checker simultaneously which could quickly scan the text, outline the mistakes, and propose correct variants. It’s free of charge, but you may sign up for a premium offer. It opens more possibilities to write flawless papers. It likewise checks plagiarism and the general readability of texts.

Once the revision is over, check your topic again. Perhaps the outcomes and certain discussions throughout the text doesn’t fully match it. If it’s so, rework the topic until it’s suitable.

Try to remember all the tips and topics mentioned in our article. They will help to review the issue of video game violence from various angles. Our smart tips will be useful during the process of writing this vital research paper.

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