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Novigrad Closed City Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest


Novigrad Closed City

In the wake of conversing with the criminals, they wish to discover their “Novigrad Closed City”. Use witcher faculties, to locate the underlying impressions carved with sewer sludge. Follow the fragrance, and you’ll go over blood against a divider. Continue to follow the fragrance, and you’ll run over an injured witch tracker.

One area has a dead body, and a light that is utilized as a switch to open a mysterious entryway, the opened territory contains the key and the bolted chest. The bolted chest requires all the keys to open.

At the other area you will experience a lady who says her home is spooky. Novigrad Closed City to help her, and follow her to her home. It turns out witch trackers were sitting tight for her. Rout these witch trackers and she will give you the last key.

After a concise visit with Lussi to commence the journey, we’ll need to follow her a brief distance along the scaffold until she drives you to an entryway. Head on through to proceed.

Novigrad Closed City happens in two distinct areas and manages Best Dex Weapons occasions. You can destroy them any request. The second piece of the mission might be named Novigrad Closed City II in your diary.

After the scene, plunder the Witch Hunters bodies for a novigrad, closed city walter bug. Head into the key thing segment of your stock and read the Warrant to refresh your goals.

Novigrad Closed City Part #I

From Lussi on the ‘St. Gregory’s Bridge’ connecting focal Novigrad with Temple Isle. Subsequent to perusing the Warrant, have a look at your guide and you’ll see that there are two target markers to explore – one in the Bits in the south-eastern segment of the principle island of Novigrad Closed City and another in Oxenfurt. We should head into town first as that is the nearest to our present position.

Inside the secret room, plunder the Key and the note – Letter About Treasure from the work area. Head into the key thing segment of your stock and read the Letter About Treasure to refresh your targets.

Presently, while confronting the work area, look to one side of the room. See the bureau beneath the shelf? Connect with this with the three Keys close by to discover and open the safe. You’ll get Formula: Nigredo and some different treats for your difficulties.

Novigrad Closed City Part #II

Only north of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern. This mission is begun by addressing a gathering of Bandits set apart with a ‘!’ who can be discovered only north of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern, in the roads south of the structures beneath the pair of boat markers on the guide. During the discussion, consent to assist them with continuing.

Following the discussion, you’ll end up in a hunt territory. Stick on Witcher Senses to examine. Up the road toward the upper east of your underlying position you’ll discover a couple of impressions to assess.

Exploring the impressions with Witcher Sense will make a fragrance trail we can follow with Witcher Sense dynamic that will lead us to the following target area. Keep on after the path of impressions, blood stains and aroma trails until you locate an injured man in a nursery close to an enormous entryway. A scene will play.

Fritz’s House

You’ll discover Fritz’s home extremely near where Triss was living in Novigrad Closed City. In a similar region you’ll locate a wooden flight of stairs that paves the way to a little stage made out of wood just as the passageway to an entryway (presented previously). This is Fritz’s home, inside you’ll discover his body which Geralt will conclude has been dead for some time.

Light the light on the second floor of this house to open up the mysterious entryway where you’ll discover a work area and a dresser. Inside the dresser is the protected which requires 3 keys and on the work area is the place where you’ll locate Fritz’s vital.


At the point when you show up you’ll discover Wallter hitting against the way to a house. Soon after a gathering of Witch Hunters will assault and attempt to murder Wallter – you can shield him or let him pass on/execute him yourself. Whichever way you’ll get the Key you need from his body or a thank you for saving him.

Whenever you’ve acquired the two keys simply get back to Fritz’s home and open the money box to finish the mission. You’d envision that it would be a lot of crowns yet rather within the money box is an irregular cluster of making materials. Nothing even genuinely extraordinary.

Novigrad Closed City Objectives

Novigrad Closed City

  • Track the smell of blood and sewer refuse utilizing your witcher faculties
  • Follow the missing man’s path utilizing your witcher faculties
  • discretionary discourse to let them ‘manage’ with the Witch Hunter, or to advise them to stop
  • Locate different accomplices referenced in the note and search for keys 0/3
  • Occasion on the Temple Isle Bridge with Lussi.
  • Enter the womans home and dispose of the threat.
  • Rout the watchmen.


  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • ?? things


You sick experience a threesome of Novigrad Closed City almost a stream, they will ask you for your assistance following a man emerging from the sewers.

Discretionary exchange to let them ‘manage’ with the Witch Hunter, or to advise them to stop. Permitting them to manage the circumstance opens another discourse line. The occasion outside is the place where you will discover Wallter, being pursued by Witch Guards. Executing the watchmen will leave you stuck as Wallter is intended to pass on. The occasion on the Temple Isle Bridge with Lussi additionally opens the remainder of the mission. She will give Garalt her key. The gatekeepers will have a Warrant giving the area of the others. Fritz will be discovered dead close to the Crooked House.

  • Video Walkthrough joins go here (You should add text)

Notes & Trivia

  • For certain individuals saving Wallter from the gatekeepers will stop their advancement, Wallter can’t be executed, and he has the other target pieces. You need to sit tight for him to pivot and draw his sword against his aggressors. They will murder him in a solitary hit, yet it’s conceivable to save him in the event that you are adequately fast. He will give you the things in a short scene.
  • For a few, in the event that you walk the incorrect path during this track-down the criminals will leave, however the mission hasn’t fizzled. be that as it may, this will stop all advance to the journey.
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