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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Charms


Charms for Resident Evil 4 Remake are little items that you may put on your storage case to get advantages and boosts. These charms will help you endure the challenges that the remake presents. Its frantic gameplay, tough foes, and complex plot have delighted players for years. Both newcomers and lovers of the original Resident Evil 4 can now replay this cherished game. You may learn how to obtain charms in the Resident Evil 4 remake by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Charms

Players can use charms, which are small items that can be fastened to Leon’s Attache Case, to influence their Resident Evil 4 runs. Players can attach charms when interacting with the typewriter, and they can provide a variety of passive boosts throughout the game. Players must first unlock them by winning them as prizes from the various shooting ranges before they can be used.

After navigating the Quarry in Chapter 3, players will get their first chance to use the Merchant’s shooting range by going to their large store. To get to the shooting range and begin completing challenges, enter the elevator to the merchant’s right.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Charms

The game’s several ranges each present unique obstacles, and the highest scores can be obtained by accessing a bonus round following the fulfillment of additional requirements. Employ dynamite to strike every target at once.

Players can obtain Bronze, Silver, and Gold tokens by completing challenges and striking skulls. Three of any kind can be used at the vending machine to use them. Additionally, beginning in Chapter 11, players can exchange a rarer form of money known as Spinel for Gold Tokens from the shopkeeper.

How to Get Charms

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, you must go to the Shooting Range next to the Merchant’s store to get Charms. You can start a target-shooting challenge as soon as you enter. Aim for the highest possible score, but don’t worry, you can attempt as often as you like.

Higher scores will earn you Gold tokens, while lower scores will get you Silver tokens. At the Shooting Range, you can use your collected tokens to play a slot machine to win Charms. Then, on your Attache Case, you can equip up to three Charms, each granting a passive boost.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Charms

Players of the slot machine can generate Charms of different rarity at random. Three tokens in total, either Silver, Gold, or a mix of the two, can be inserted at once. Rare Charms are more likely to be generated in more valuable combinations; using three Gold tokens has the highest potential of producing a rare Charm.

Types of Charms

There are four distinct categories and several rarity tiers for charms. Players can use Gold, Silver, and Bronze level tokens to affect a charm’s rarity; three gold tokens offer the best chance for a legendary charm. Players can choose from one of four categories for their passive bonuses:

  • Combat Charms – Enhanced bonuses and effects during enemy combat, such as increasing Leon’s run speed or critical hit rate.
  • Merchant Discount Charms – As anticipated, these lower repair and upgrade costs or offer better selling prices, enabling players to save money while interacting with the Merchant. Typewriters are typically found close to the merchant, so astute players can move them onto the case before speaking with the NPC and then move them back out.
  • Healing Bonus Charms –  Enhance the therapeutic properties of the several foods Leon can consume, such as fish and green herbs.
  • Crafting Bonus Charms – increases the frequency of making extra ammunition for the game’s weaponry.


How many charms are in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Here’s where to discover the 30 various charms that players can add to Leon’s Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake to provide him passive perks.

How do you get accessories in RE4 Remake?

Having said that, finishing the main plot on particular difficulty levels is the only way to unlock most of these accessories. This implies that until they finish the game and unlock New Game+, players won’t be able to access the majority of the game’s accessories.

Is the Red9 or Blacktail better RE4 remake?

Despite being the more potent weapon, the Blacktail outperforms the Red9 pistol thanks to its substantially upgraded Reload Speed and Rate of Fire. Its magazine capacity is less than that of comparable handguns, but it more than makes up for it in reload speed.

Are charms random Resident Evil 4?

Three of the two can be put into a dispenser at the back in any arrangement to receive a random Charm. Only three charms can be equipped at once on your Attache Case at the Typewriter, but they each grant a random passive boost.

What is the most expensive item in Resident Evil 4?

With a base value of 19,000 Pesetas, the Elegant Crown is the most sought-after treasure in RE4 Remake. With its five Gem slots, this item can double the selling price of the Crown by obtaining the best 2.0x multiplier available in the game.

What is the best case to use in RE4 remake?

However, in terms of special benefits, the Golden Case outperforms all other Attache Cases. It finally enables the player to upgrade weaponry more quickly and earn more money.