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Starfield – How to Upgrade Pilot Class


To captain some of the most complex ships in Starfield, you must first unlock specific pilot classes, just as you require special permits to operate unique automobiles on the road. In addition to being a means of transportation, your ship in the game also allows you to battle and store goods. Therefore, it is advised that you quickly level up your Piloting skills to get the most out of your vehicle. You can learn how to improve the pilot class in Starfield by reading this article:

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How to Upgrade Pilot Class

To advance in Starfield, you must first acquire the Piloting skill from the Tech skill tree. Since this skill is in the top row, you can get it early in the game. To be able to pilot Class C ships, you will need to reach Rank 4, and to fly Class B ships, you must reach Rank 3. Upgrading becomes easier if you have the Piloting skill and can destroy ships.

As you progress through the missions in Starfield, you’ll occasionally encounter hostile spacecraft, but if you’d like to speed up the process, you can jump between systems and roll the dice. Alternatively, you could just assault any ship you come across, but this might get you in legal hot water or lead to you being annihilated by far more formidable vessels.

Starfield - How to Upgrade Pilot Class

Being able to pilot both Class B and Class C ships has the advantage of allowing you to either start building stronger ships via Starfield’s ship-building system or you can commandeer hostile spacecraft of a higher class and keep them for yourself.

For instance, the game permitted me to equip my ship with a Class C reactor, but it made the rest of the ship with Class C parts. Thus, my ship effectively became a Class C that I could not pilot. Try creating a ship you cannot pilot in Starfield if you want to feel horrible. You get the idea. However, I’m not sure if the game would have allowed me to finish building the ship.

Where to Find Enemy Ships

Finding enemy ships is as simple as flying from planet to planet and searching for tiny patrols that pirates are ambushing. Players can also go to systems under the authority of groups like the Crimson Raiders to locate more of the pirates’ ships, but be advised that you will frequently be outnumbered in these areas.

Any ship can be destroyed therefore anyone who isn’t afraid of engaging in some piracy can take up the challenge. To avoid receiving a reward from a powerful group, moving to a neutral system is advisable. You can strengthen your piloting abilities and accumulate a bounty for a certain system by attacking and destroying nearby spacecraft in unclaimed systems.

Starfield - How to Upgrade Pilot Class

You will still receive a reward if you strike a faction’s ship outside of their claimed space, so proceed with caution while attacking allies or simply destroy any survivors so they can report your bounty. You will still receive a reward if you strike a faction’s ship outside of their claimed space, so proceed with caution while attacking allies or simply destroy any survivors so they can report your bounty.


Where can I train piloting in Starfield?

As soon as you go into the simulator and assume the pilot’s seat, the six-tiered simulation training will start, with you having to destroy ships.

How do you unlock pilot simulator Starfield?

Access to the Starfield flight simulator requires joining UC Vanguard, one of the main Starfield groups, and it is located in the UC MAST building in New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Can you max every skill in Starfield?

If you spend enough time playing the game, you can teach your character every one of them. You can become the most formidable space traveler by fully utilizing all of your skills.

Who is the best pilot in Starfield?

A competent pilot is essential while selecting your ship’s crew in Starfield. Sam Coe ought to be at the top of the list because of this. Coe belongs to one of the groups in the game, the Freestar Collective.

Can you pilot ships in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can pilot Starborn spacecraft, but only after you start a New Game Plus run.

Can you marry Sarah in Starfield?

When you visit The Lodge early in the game, you first run into Sarah Morgan. She is one of the companions you might date and possibly marry in Starfield. She is a member of Constellation.