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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get RPD Costume


Leon’s Resident Evil 4 remake RPD costume offers the main character an additional skin to wear. It was included in the update before the Separate Ways DLC and not when the game first launched. The players most likely weren’t prepared for Leon’s RPD costume, a new or vintage outfit. There’s a very unique and difficult technique to earn the award, which was extremely surreptitiously incorporated with the DLC. You may learn how to obtain an RPD costume in the Resident Evil 4 remake by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Requirement for the R.P.D Costume for Leon

You have to complete a challenging mission in the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil 4 Remake in order to get Leon’s R.P.D suit. Your goal is to use every character to obtain a S+ rating or better on every map. You must accumulate at least 500,000 points throughout each map run in order to get to this rank.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get RPD Costume

You’ll get a notification after finishing this task successfully letting you know that you’ve unlocked Leon’s special costume and celebrating your accomplishment. To put on the outfit, go to the Extras panel and then start Separate Ways or the main game. To equip it, pick “Leon’s Costume” from this menu and scroll down to choose the R.P.D. outfit.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get RPD Costume

How to Unlock RPD Uniform

One of the most well-liked uniforms among fans, Leon’s Raccoon City Police Department outfit has long since come to be associated with his persona. It makes sense, then, that it would appear in the reimagined version of the game that really established his persona in the world of video games. Fortunately, it can be obtained as a reward and used just like any other unlockable clothing.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get RPD Costume

However, neither his nor Ada’s primary campaigns truly contain the means to unlock it. Players must successfully complete the game’s ultimate challenge in the Mercenaries Mode in order to obtain Leon’s uniform. In other words, you must get a S+ Rank on each and every playable Mercenaries character across all maps.

Although it may appear a little difficult at first, it is definitely doable with a lot of practice and understanding the techniques of each map. Do not forget that as long as you have the points necessary to be eligible for a particular rank, it makes no difference if you pass away during a Mercenaries run.


What is special 1 costume Resident Evil 4?

Without unique clothes, a Resident Evil game wouldn’t be the same. You are able to unlock two sets of clothes. Beating the game for the first time unlocks the first set, which features Leon in his old RCPD digs and Ashley in a pop star attire.

Who is the annoying girl in RE4?

Ashley was criticized for being a sexualized damsel in distress in Resident Evil 4’s original design and characterization. The original game’s portrayal of Ashley was largely met with criticism. She’s been called one of the worst or most obnoxious video game characters by numerous gaming media outlets.

Who is Leon trying to save in RE4?

The main plot point of Resident Evil 4 is around Leon’s quest to save Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter. Players must look for her and manage to survive in a remote Spanish village where she has been taken hostage by an enigmatic cult. You become Ashley’s defender and occasionally even her partner once you locate her.

Is RE7 better than RE4?

Even now, RE4 still strikes the ideal balance between horror and action, and it endures incredibly well. It has a fantastic tone and vibe, which I believe RE5 and 6 really missed. Having said that, Resident Evil 7 is a massively sneaky comeback to survival horror and has made Resident Evil the undisputed king of horror games once more.

Is RE4 a scary game?

It’s important to note that Resident Evil 4, despite its latest makeover, is not as terrifying as one may anticipate. Because horror is a niche genre and Resident Evil 4 isn’t your typical horror game, there’s a very solid reason why it became a breakthrough hit for the franchise.