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Resident Evil 4 Remake – Every Mercenaries Character Guide


The Mercenaries, the beloved score attack mode that debuted in the original Resident Evil 4 game, is returning in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Each of these characters has a unique set of skills and loadouts. To take on the leaderboard, players need to develop a solid understanding of each other as they each have unique advantages and disadvantages. With little regard for ammunition, players can simultaneously blast through dozens of adversaries in this intense minigame. This post will walk you through each mercenarie’s resident evil 4 remake character guide:

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Leon Kennedy

By default, Leon Kennedy is unlocked automatically. He plays pretty much the same role as his character in the main tale and will be the only option accessible at first. His handgun, the SG-09R, the Riot Gun (shotgun), and the Stingray (semi-auto rifle) are all part of his loadout.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Every Mercenaries Character Guide

A scope for the rifle and pistol, some ammunition for each weapon, Leon’s go-to Combat Knife, and First Aid spray are also provided to him. In addition, grenades, weapon ammunition, and numerous healing supplies will be available for him to acquire. He can get out of tight spots because to his Mayhem Mode power, which gives him more strength and speed.


Players must obtain an A rank in any level with Luis to unlock Krauser. Considering how fragile he may be, this could be frightening. Luis can, however, take advantage of the Castle level since he can utilize the explosives to create ambush locations and the Sniper Rifle to kill any survivors from a distance (or employ a cannon).

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Every Mercenaries Character Guide

Krauser is a formidable opponent once he is fully developed. The EJF-338 Compound Bow and the TMP SMG accompany him. Along with a Combat Knife, three flash grenades, First Aid Spray, and SMG ammunition, the Bow also comes with three explosive arrows. He can change into his mutation in Mayhem Mode, when he is capable of countering thrust and close-quarters strikes.


The fourth and last character in the DLC to be unlocked is Hunk. Obtaining an A rank with Krauser in any stage will unlock him. Hunk carries just one weapon, but it’s the powerful LE 5 SMG. In addition, he has three grenades, a knife, first aid spray, and ammunition.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Every Mercenaries Character Guide

During Mayhem Mode, Hunk also receives infinite ammunition. He is also capable of a quick melee kill. The only drawback is that the SMG can take a while to reload without Mayhem Mode, so allow enough time for this. Make sure to keep moving and avoid being surrounded by Hunk. Since he is less able to escape a congested area than the others, who have greater access to weapons like explosives.


Luis becomes available after finishing any stage as Leon with an A rank or above. It’s very manageable—only 100,000 points are needed to achieve a rank. Luis is equipped with a Sniper Rifle (SR M1093) and a potent Red9 Pistol. Along with a scope, Luis also receives a standard knife, ammunition, a flash grenade, and two first aid sprays with the rifle.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Every Mercenaries Character Guide

In close quarters, he can be quite susceptible, but in Mayhem Mode, he can set off explosives that will explode when he fires or after a certain amount of time. He can ambush the adversary thanks to this, but he needs to play more strategically than other heroes.


How do you unlock Wesker in Mercenaries RE4?

Attaining a four-star ranking on Water World Island unlocks Albert Wesker. Wesker possesses almost eight cells of health and extremely potent weaponry. He can perform the Chikyo Kick and Thrust Punch as special moves. Wesker’s melee attacks are the strongest in Mercenaries, with the exception of Krauser’s arm attack.

Do Mercenaries unlock anything in re4 remake?

Take on seemingly never-ending waves of monsters in the free “The Mercenaries” mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This mode offers multiple unlockable rewards for both the Main Story and the mode.

How do you unlock the Red9 in RE4?

However, you’ll need to go to a boat wreck in the center of the lake in order to locate the Red9. Once inside, the first Treasure Chest contains an Alexandrite. However, to discover the Treasure Chest with the Red9, exit through the other doorway and turn left. This is how it is described: “A potent handgun.”

How do you get infinite Handcannon in Resident Evil 4?

To succeed in the game, all you need to do is finish a Professional run without utilizing any Bonus Weapons. This does not, however, apply to costumes or accessories. For example, Ashley’s armor outfit and the Cat Ears attachment for infinite ammo can make the process much easier.

What is the most powerful pistol in RE4?

The 9mm Red9 handgun has an integrated box magazine. With the ability to kill most adversaries with a single blow, its upgraded version is regarded as the most potent handgun in the Resident Evil 4 remake.