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Samsung may lose money if Apple suddenly stops making MacBook chips


There is probably not a single sector of the economy that has not been influenced in some way by the precarious situation the world economy is in at the moment. One of the sectors that will be significantly affected is the IT industry. The desire for new devices, particularly high-end items, has decreased as users’ financial capabilities have been more constrained. It has been stated that Apple is seeing a decline in demand for its MacBook notebooks. This decline in demand is said to be so severe that the business has reportedly ceased production of the M2 chips that are utilized in its most recent laptops.

According to reports in the Korean media, Apple totally ceased production of the M2 series chipsets for MacBooks in January and February of this year. This news was reported by Apple. This month, production was partially resumed, but at levels that are approximately half of what they were at this time last year. Reportedly, this is the first time that Apple has halted production of CPUs for the most recent generation of MacBooks. Observers of the industry point to this as evidence that the recent drop in demand for personal computers is significantly more severe than was initially estimated. Apple was not taken aback by this development in any way.

During a recent earnings call, the CEO of the company indicated that the personal computer (PC) market is currently in a very “tough situation,” and that it will continue to be “difficult in the short term.” The Mac division of Apple’s business contributed $7.7 billion to the company’s sales in the first quarter of this year. Although that is a large number, it is thirty percent lower than it was at the same time period the previous year. Apple may be forced to reassess its plans for new MacBook models in the coming months as a result of the downturn in demand, particularly with regard to the OLED MacBook Air models for which Samsung is believed to be supplying the panels. If Apple chooses either not to launch the model at all or to create fewer numbers of it, Samsung, which is one of the top suppliers of display panels, stands to lose money regardless of which option it chooses.