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ScreenToGif 2.18


ScreenToGif 2.18

ScreenToGif is an open source program that gives you to record a chose territory of your screen, a chance to live to encourage from your webcam or live illustrations from a Sketchboard. A short time later, you can alter and spare the movement as a GIF or video. Additionally, there’s the Webcam Recorder and the Board Recorder.

ScreenToGif 2.18


  • Record your screen and spare legitimately to a gif circled activity or a video.
  • Respite and keep on chronicle or begin once again by disposing of the account.
  • Move the window around to record what you need, it remains on top.
  • You can include Text, Subtitles, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Drawings, and so forth.
  • Yield and Resize.
  • Evacuate outlines that you don’t need.
  • Select an envelope to spare the record naturally or select one preceding encoding.
  • Add the framework cursor to your chronicle.
  • Small measured and versatile executable.
  • What’s happening in ScreenToGif 2.18:
  • Included help for presets/profiles for FFmpeg video encoding highlight, isolated by document type.
  • Keystrokes: The application will show “Ctrl” rather than showing “Control”.
  • Refreshed the Korean interpretation.

Bug fixes:

  • The procedure that checks if there’s as of now a record with a similar name was changed. Presently it ought to be smoother.
  • In Options > About, the Gitter connection was opening another site unintentionally.
  • The assignment that modifies the postponement of edges was not working.
  • The change “Blur to shading” was finishing with an edge not 100% of the chose shading.

DownloadScreenToGif 2.18 | Portable ScreenToGif | ~3.0 MB (Open Source)
ViewScreenToGif Home Page | User Guide

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