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Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips


Many gamers love Sea of Stars, a turn-based RPG. Like other pixelated old games, it offers a unique vibe. It also has intriguing and sometimes difficult puzzles that unlock new places. You must have encountered that Cypher-locked door in Repine. A Cypher isn’t a main quest reward. Like many Sea of Stars discoveries, earning this item is optional and involves careful exploration. Learn how to find data strips amid a sea of stars:

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How to Find All Data Strips in Sea of Stars

Cypher is needed to go past the locked door in Repine. The first step in creating Cypher is tracking down four Data Strips. Finding all of these Data Strips, which are spread out across the Sea of Stars, can be a formidable challenge. Users are free to conduct their searches in any order they see fit; the order in which they are acquired is irrelevant. Here’s where to look and what to do to get your hands on each and every one of them!

Where to Find a Cypher

Let’s start with the process of acquiring this item. You are not given a Cypher but must generate one yourself. In Serai’s stead, you may use the workshop table for this purpose. But Cedric will tell you that you need Data Strips in order to create a Cypher. And my own exploration led me to the conclusion that you’ll need four.

Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips

First Data Strip

Finding the first Data Strip is not difficult at all. Once you’ve completed the activities at Sacrosanct Spires and exited the rail/path, keep an eye out to the left! This is the cave that is located next to the whirlpool.

Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips

Second Data Strip

The second Data Strip may be found at the most farthest point back of the Cerulean Reservoir, which is the fishing spot on Serai’s island.

Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips

Third Data Strip

Repine is the location of the third Data Strip. Find your way to this location!

Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips

Fourth Data Strip

The Fleshmancer’s Lair is the location of the final Data Strip. To be more specific, you will want to search the room that contains the enormous eyeballs.

Sea of Stars: How to Find All Data Strips

Best wishes! Now is the time to bring everything back to Repine and push open the door with force.


Does Sea of Stars have a point of no return?

Even after you have defeated the game’s final boss, you will still be able to go back to any part of the map to pick up whatever you may have missed there. There is no genuine “point of no return.”

How do you get wheels to repine in Sea of Stars?

The only thing to remember is that you’ll need to pay the Watchmaker to get the portable wheels table in order to gain access to wheels in Repine. You’ll need 250 gold to purchase it, and then you can return to Repine and hand it to the NPC there, who you can then easily dispatch.

Is anything missable in the Sea of Stars?

Except for a single feat or achievement that requires a late-game relic, everything is completeable in a single playthrough. However, if you get it and use it right away, you can do that in a single game.

What is max level in Sea of Stars?

Compared to other games in the genre, this limit may appear modest; but, players will need to gain a significant amount of experience between levels, slowing the process.