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Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations


The puzzles in the Solstice Shrines are some of the most challenging in the game, but the prizes (relics and accessories) for completing them are among the best in the game. Each one has its own unique benefits, and if you haven’t noticed already, they also hold the key to revealing yet another secret on Evermist Island. Some of these, however, can be difficult to locate and enter without the proper tools, which is why we’ve compiled this guide with information on Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars, such as their exact coordinates.

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What Are Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars?

Solstice Shrines are puzzles and challenges of a moderate to large scale that can be discovered in the Sea of Stars universe. These shrines are intended to be challenging environments that will put your puzzle-solving, combat, and platforming skills to the test, as well as rewarding you with useful items.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations

The game will typically position shirne at spots where you can choose to finish them, but they can be difficult to access and may take some effort to locate.

What do all the Solstice Shrines unlock in Sea of Stars?

While completing the Solstice Shrines will result in the discovery of their respective treasures, it will also begin to shed light on another mystery that has been kept concealed on Evermist Island. On the Mountain Trail, right below the Elder Mist region, you’ll find a cave that conceals this secret for you to discover. You will be able to locate it by the pillars that are colored like the sun and the moon that are located outside the entrance.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations

Where to find all Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars

There are a total of five Solstice Shrines, and they can be found in various locations. However, you’ll have to make your way through the story to unlock them all, so prepare to be patient and persistent. At the appropriate time, you can turn in your completed challenges for a reward and get closer to discovering Evermist Island’s secret. Below is a list of addresses:

Evermist Island Location

You will likely visit the Solstice Shrine on Evermist Island first. It forks off to the right just below the Mountain Path and ahead of Mooncradle. To enter the Evermist Solstice Shrine and begin working on the puzzle inside, you must first obtain the key.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations

Wraith Island Location

After leaving the town of Lucent on Wraith Island, look to your right of the Cursed Woods and down below the Haunted Mansion to find a second Solstice Shrine. In order to enter this shrine and begin working on the Wraith Island Solstice Shrine puzzle, you must first possess the Graplou.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations

Last Home World Locations (Floating Island & No Port Island)

On the map of the Home World, you’ll find two additional islands with Solstice Shrines. One can be found in the southwest, between Sleeper and Evermist islands. The other can be found in the northeast, close to Mesa Island. You’ll need a different mode of transportation to get to either of them because they don’t have docks.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations

Serai’s World Locations

On the Serai’s World map, the very last Solstice Shrine can be found in the southwestern most part of the map. Again, this one does not have a conventional dock, so you will need to use a different mode of transportation to get there in order to get there.

Sea of Stars: Solstice Shrine Locations


Where is the last solstice shrine in sea of stars?

After making it through the Sea of Stars and onto Serai’s World, you’ll find the fifth and final Solstice Shrine. The island is located in the southwestern part of the continent. Once more, you’ll need the ability to fly to get there.

Does To Sleep in a Sea of Stars have romance?

Paolini also deserves praise for including a diverse cast. All the other relationships between the characters were fine, but the romance between Kira and Falconi felt like an afterthought and contributed nothing to the tale.

Who is the final boss in the Sea of Stars?

The Endgame Boss of Sea of Stars is Elysan’darlle. After being defeated, Aephorul kills her in the standard ending. In the game’s true ending, she avoids death by not being called by Aephorul. She is shown reconciling with Brugaves, who is now known as Barma’thazl, during the closing credits.