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Sea Of Stars: Where to Find Turbo Cookies Location


Just like in other JRPGs, there are a ton of side tasks to complete in Sea of Stars. While the majority are straightforward, the Turbo Cookie quest presents a challenge. If you step foot in Lucent for the first time, there’s a lot to discover. Most of them, like that dark tunnel by the river, are inaccessible until you acquire specific goods. A request for Turbo Cookies from a ghost on the western side of town is not dissimilar to this one. Where exactly in the Sea of Stars are those Turbo Cookies?

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Turbo Cookie location in Sea of Stars

On the second floor of the First Stage of Grief (Inn) is a chest containing the Turbo Cookie. Once you have the Graplou, you can go there. If you haven’t gotten it already, just keep moving along in the main plot. Go to the bridge on the eastern side of Lucent and use your Graplou to climb to the next level.

Sea Of Stars: Turbo Cookies Location

To get to the First Stage of Grief rooftop, head left along the route. Drop down and input the vacant space below. The necessary object is locked away inside a chest inside.

Take the Turbo Cookie back to the spirit and hand it over. You’ll be asked to fight him and defeat him (it’s not that hard!) so that they may continue. As a form of payment, they may instruct you to dig up their grave. A key to the shed is printed on it.

How To Start the Turbo Cookie Quest

Talking to an appropriate NPC in Sea of Stars is all that’s required to begin a quest. The ghost you seek lingers in the Lucent cemetery. You can reach it by traversing the gap in the town’s western wall and continuing northward. Finding the ghost’s Turbo Cookie can prove difficult in Sea of Stars.

Sea Of Stars: Turbo Cookies Location

In addition, the players won’t be given any hints as to where to find it. Finding Cookie before confronting the ghost, however, will allow you to start and finish the quest in a matter of seconds.

Where to Use the Shed Key in Sea of Stars

This gloomy shack is located close to the eastern exit, and the Shed Key is required to enter it. Continue descending along all of the trails until you come upon an extremely talkative pot. Don’t be concerned, they won’t do you any harm at all! I just wanted to make sure that you enjoy random quizzes.

Sea Of Stars: Turbo Cookies Location


Where do I use flimsy hammer in Sea of Stars?

The Mistral Bracelet can be used to nudge the tombstone and reveal a hidden doorway. Once you reach the bottom of the ladder, you’ll be able to put your Flimsy Hammers to good use. There’s an easter egg hidden by the creators of Sea of Stars if you follow the four walls.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, Valere and Zale’s greatest weapons are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade, respectively, and they provide a significant edge while fighting the game’s final boss. All of the playable characters have access to a variety of weaponry.

How do you make a Cypher Sea of Stars?

The first step in creating Cypher is tracking down four Data Strips. Finding all of these Data Strips can be difficult, as they are dispersed around the Sea of Stars. Users are free to conduct their searches in any order they see fit; the order in which they are acquired is irrelevant.

What is the level cap in Sea of Stars?

The maximum level in Sea of Stars is 30, but the game’s leveling system lets players fine-tune their party’s attributes including health, defenses against physical and magical attacks, and more.