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Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations


In Dredge, a solitary experience, players go on a fishing trip with a sinister twist. Players assume the role of a fishing trawler skipper searching for treasure among uncharted islands and their surrounding waterways. Players can earn money by selling their catches and completing tasks, and they can improve their ships so that they can go farther and to more remote locations. However, gamers must exercise caution since dangers lurk in the shadows. All the Ancient Shrines in Dredge are Listed Here for Your Convenience:

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All Ancient Shrine Locations in Dredge

North of Greater Marrow, south of Dusty Pontoon, east of Starlight Pontoon, and near the camp in Twisted Strand are all places where you can find an Ancient Shrine in Dredge.

Ancient Shrine #1

A short distance to the north of Greater Marrow is where you’ll find the first shrine. This one is straightforward because all that is required of you is to find five Cods in the same location.

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations

Ancient Shrine #2

The following Shrine can be found to the southeast of Gale Cliffs, and in order to access it, you will need some crab pots. The Shrine is looking for two Rock Crabs and one Decorator Crab, all of which can be discovered in the vicinity.

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations

Ancient Shrine #3

Because you’ll need a significant amount of space for these fish, this one can be a little challenging. The Hammerhead Shark comes in first and can be caught in the waters close to the shrine where there are fishing places. The next item is a Bronze Whaler, and it can be found in the Marrows at grid position K7.

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations

After that, you will require a Blacktip Reef Shark, which may be found in the same region as the Bronze Whaler, but only at night. In the end, you will require a Ghost Shark, which can be discovered during the daytime around Devil’s Spine at the grid location Q13.

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations

Ancient Shrine #4

You will need to travel to the western portion of Twisted Strand in order to visit the final shrine on this list. To complete this section of the shrine, a distorted form of a deformed fish is required. Simply go around and fish in the region until you come across a fish that has a deformity or is a mutant.

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations

Congratulations, you have successfully learned the locations of all the shrines in Dredge as well as the appropriate offerings to make at each one! Now it is time for you to go out there and try to calm these shrines. They can’t possibly be malicious, can they?

Dredge: All Ancient Shrine Locations


Where is the cod shrine in Dredge?

Just north of Greater Marrow, at J9, is where you’ll find the Marrows Shrine. Any five curved fish are required to be placed inside the Shrine. Cod is a great option because it is plentiful and simple to find in The Marrows.

What are the 4 large powerful fish in Dredge?

The Bronze Whaler, Blacktip Reef Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and Ghost Shark are all needed to complete the altar you speak of.

How many endings does Dredge have?

Dredge features two possible outcomes for players: the default “bad” ending, and a hidden “good” ending that provides some additional backstory to the game’s events.

What do the black rocks do in Dredge?

There are eleven obelisks, or large black stone structures, scattered over Dredge. They are dormant during the day but active at night, when they cause visions. Some of the islands in Dredge’s world include mysterious black stones that players can find as they travel there. Obelisks are what you call these tall stones.