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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Mountain Ascent Collectibles


To find every unique item in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you must search various areas across the map. In Jedi: Survivor, finding all the collectible places at the Mountain Ascent on Koboh isn’t hard. It requires less work to find all the items than at the Arid Flats on Jedha because the area is small. This article explains all Star Wars Jedi Survivor mountain ascent collectibles:

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Where to Find Every Mountain Ascent Collectible

A map and detailed instructions on how to obtain each Mountain Ascent collectible in Jedi: Survivor are provided below. To save time as you explore each area of the Mountain Ascent, you should read through the complete guide before getting started, as it deals with all of the treasures by category. To get through much of the Mountain Ascent, you’ll need Merrin’s Charm, which lets you dash through ray barriers.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Mountain Ascent Collectibles

In addition to the Databank Entries, chests, Priorite Shards, Security Droid Slicing upgrade, and Seed Pod, the Mountain Ascent also conceals a Meditation Chamber, which has its own set of goodies. Go down below the waterfall and into the Meditation Chamber.

All Databank Entries

The initial entry in the database can be found close to the Meditation Point. Follow the trail as it splits and go left to the lower landing. The Databank Entry was discovered adjacent to the prospector’s skeleton.

Just beyond the ray shields, down the main route, and up across the pool of water to the right lies the next Databank Entry. There is a cave to the left after you Grapple and wall sprint across the pool of water. Inside the cave is a door that can only be opened with the Force Lift skill. Behind that closed door is the Databank.

Backtrack out of the cave and down into the pit beyond to examine the downed Tie Fighter. Cross the chasm and continue down the trail until you reach the heart of the Mountain Ascent zone. The next Databank Entry is located in a peculiar cabin painted blue.

All Chests

Lower down past the green ray shields lies the first chest. Immediately turn right and jump across the chasm after passing the shields. Left-back chest. This chest holds Bomber Outfit Pants. Another chest is in a pool nearby. Return to the main path and continue to the right pool of water. Drop down to find the chest. This chest holds Cal’s Light Mustache and Patch Hairstyle.

Use Force Lift to reach the next chest and BD’s chest slicing to open it. Cross the pool with the Grapple, then wall run and leap to the next path. Left of you is a cave with a closed entrance. Lift the door and leap through to find the chest. This is where to get Mustache and Patch Beard.

On the main path, the fourth chest is ahead. The cave exit leads to a pit containing a destroyed Tie Fighter. Far end has a destructible chest. Force Lift and Slam to open. Find the popular Drifter Outfit Jacket here. The final chest located at the top of the Mountain Ascent and demands some gymnastics.

Visit the vast higher location where the large Stormtrooper squad spawns and look back toward the Mountain Ascent entrance. Left of you are two runnable walls that lead to a scaling column and a little landing. That landing holds the chest. Force Lift and Slam to get the Scrapyard Audio Sensors BD-1 cosmetic.

All Priorite Shards

The initial Priorite Shard can be found near the Meditation Point. Follow the trail as it splits and go left to the lower landing. Keep going left and leap to the next landing, then jump again to the last landing beyond the waterfall. It’s just next to the ledge.

Upstairs is where you’ll find the next Priorite Shard. Place yourself in the middle of the Mountain Ascent, close to the small structure resembling a cabin with blue walls. You can Air Dash to a cave off to the side. Back there in the skeleton’s ribcage is the Priorite Shard.

You’ll need to squeeze through the wider opening up top, past the Stormtrooper squad. In the next pit, you’ll find two Bilemaws. To gain access to the Priorite Shard, you must first defeat them. You may find the rock pile by following the wall on the left side of the hole. To retrieve the Priority Shard, just use Force Lift. Grapple up the next ledge and proceed on into the chasm. The final piece of the Priorite Shard has been discovered.

All Seed Pods

All of the Seed Pods have been marked on the map for your convenience. The Security Droid Slicing enhancement was another focus of ours. The Felucian Spiker Seed Pod is located in the same spot as the first Priorite Shard. Find it by matching the description given there.

The Koboh Spiker is the second type of Seed Pod. A bush near the second ray shield door is the spot to look for it. To get to the Seed Pod, you’ll need to descend to the lower level and hop down onto the door frame. The final Koboh Spiker Seed Pod may be found in a pit near the two Bilemaws’ lair at the very top of the Mountain Ascent.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Mountain Ascent Collectibles

It’s close to the narrow passage where the water enters the falls and continues on its descent. Between the two green ray shields at a terminal is the Security Droid Slicing upgrade. When you’re in the neighborhood, you won’t be able to miss it.


How do you get drifter colors in Jedi: Survivor?

Players need to smash the barrel in Mountain Ascent to get the dyes for the Drifter outfit. Jump on the platforms on the right and descend into the small valley across after traversing the green Force field near the Mountain Ascent mediation point. Here you will find the Drifter patterns.

Is the Inquisitor in Jedi: Survivor?

Sadly, the Inquisitors don’t seem to reappear in the tale of Jedi: Survivor after Cal murders her, despite the fact that they were still known to be active in the galaxy at this time, with Cal instead being hunted by Sorc Tormo’s bounty hunters.

What is the rarest lightsaber in Star Wars?

Rare as hen’s teeth in the Star Wars galaxy, just a handful of black lightsabers have ever been shown on screen. Sith and Dark Jedi are more likely to use these lightsabers because of their association with the Dark Side of the Force.

Where is the rare Koboh spiker?

The Mountain Ascent is the location where one can find the Rare Koboh Spiker. Because it will be located on top of the green barrier, obtaining it shouldn’t be too difficult.