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Sic Bo – Essence of the Game and Variations


Translated from the Chinese language, the Sic Bo means “pairs of dice” and is the oldest game of one of the oldest nations in the world. However, today Sic Bo is a little-known game and often it can be found only in special casinos.

It won’t come as a surprise that the game originates in ancient China. On the contrary to the name, it uses three dice with six faces on each (every face is numbered from 1 to 6). On a specially marked table, bets are placed on the outcome of the event. So, you need to bet on a certain layout of the dice. If the result is predicted correctly, you win; if not, you lose.

Wazdan Launches Sic Bo Dragons

We have mentioned above that Sic Bo is a popular game, however, it is not available in many online casinos. Wazdan, a leading software provider, released the game called Sic Bo Dragons, which is mostly based on the original casino game. This version includes 4 dice instead of 3 and 6 times more chances to win. Furthermore, the game has excellent graphics and visuals.


For players who love dice games, it is always a good idea to play Sic Bo online. If you are looking for new experiences and need more space for manoeuvring, this game has everything you need. The unique gameplay and fantastic entertainment create an exciting atmosphere for enthusiasts who want to try new challenges.

Personalized Experience

It should be pointed out that for a personalized experience there are multiple betting options where you can choose a specific number and bet on it. The oriental theme is perfect and you can also customize the gaming panel depending on your preferences: whether you want to hear additional sounds, background music or play without sound – everything is up to you. The speed is also adjustable with several modes and the ultra-fast mode is depicted by a cheetah symbol.


You can try the risk and win feature as well. For players who love to try out games on mobile phones or tablets, this possibility is present too.


The game is available in Wazdan-powered online casinos and support for several languages is provided. According to the developers and players, Sic Bo Dragons is a game where you can clinch big wins and access incredible features that will make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable.

What can you bet on Sic Bo?

In the Sic Bo game, different types of bets can be combined quite arbitrarily. The size of the bets is set by the administration of a particular casino. Sic Bo is a game where there are plenty of possibilities for bets. Here are some of them:

Small/large bet

The “Small” bet wins if the amount dropped out on the dice varies between four and ten points. Accordingly, the “Big” bet is considered to be the winner if the total amount is from eleven to seventeen points. If three identical numbers fall out, both the bet on the small and the large loses. Winning bets are paid on a one-to-one basis.

Number bet

The player who makes such a bet is, in fact, trying to guess a certain number that will appear on the dice. Moreover, the more times it falls out, the better. The bet is paid in the ratio of one to one, if the selected number fell out once, two to one, if it fell on two dice and three to one, if on all dice.

Pair bet

This is a bet on fifteen possible combinations of two dice (for example, two and five, four and three, six and two). If both numbers fall out, the participant will be paid the winnings in the ratio of five to one.

Bet on double

This is a bet that a certain pair of numbers will be dropped (for example, two fours, two threes, etc.). The winnings are paid in a ten to one ratio.

Triple bet

This is a bet that a particular triplet of certain numbers will be dropped (for example, three deuces, three fives, etc.). The winnings are paid in the ratio of one hundred and eighty to one.

Bet on any triple. This, in turn, is a bet that any three identical numbers will appear. The winnings are paid at a thirty to one ratio.

General bet

This is a total bet that will be fixed on three dice. It can range from four to seventeen. If the same numbers fall out (three ones, three sixes, etc.), it is, unfortunately, a loss.

Sic Bo Compared to Other Games

If we compare Sic Bo to other casino games such as slots, poker, blackjack, the game does not have that much popularity. However, if you are fond of dice games, then this one is an ideal option for you. One thing you need to consider is that finding Sic Bo could be tough, as not many online casinos offer this game to their customers.