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Significant Online Jobs for Students in College


Significant Online Jobs for Students in College

Did you know while in college, you can make extra money on online platforms? Well, although your biggest goal in college is to study, it doesn’t imply that you will be in books all the time. There are moments when you are free. Such moments can turn out to be the best moments to make money. You need to arrange your time well, then balance between making money and studying. Let us analyze some of the best online jobs for college students below. While lising any brilliant opportunities for getting a new job online you will find out cheap essays for sale as a student who is more interested in career start-ups.

  • Surveys

Most students know about making money through surveys. You can always make quick cash from such activities. You can sign up on the following sites to earn extra money:

Survey Junkie – Here, you earn points, which you convert into cash. The payments start at $10

Maru Springboard America – You earn through a referral on this survey platform. The signing up process is easy and short.

Swagbucks – Imagine when you sign up for this platform, you get a $5 bonus. Apart from that, the site has several ways to make money.

MyPoints – Earn $10 free to shop online with this survey panel. You have many easy ways to earn points like watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys.

Ipsos i-Say – You can earn passive money on Ipsos i-Say. The sign-up process is easy and faster, and the site has a loyalty program that makes you extra cash.

As a student, you can select all of the sites above and sign up. Ensure you are truthful with all the answers you give. Do not confuse surveys with online jobs as such. However, they will settle some of your bills for sure.

  • Postmates

If you are a side hustler, then Postmates is an ideal company for you. You only sign up online then you can start to deliver food in the area you want. According to the website, you get paid up to$25 per hour.

  • Uber Eats

Many students love food delivery gigs due to flexibility and fewer interactions with the customer. You earn for each delivery you make at Uber eats. This means that the more you deliver, the more the income. Note that there must be a background check after you sign up.

  • MTurk

Get online projects such as transcription, writing gigs, surveys, typing, among many others, at the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. The platform is legit and if you have more time, check out the activities on the site. Select the ones you can handle with good pay.

  • Wonder

Students often engage in research activities. Do you know you can get paid around $8 per hour as a wonder researcher? Well, you sign in, wait for the approval, and start working. You can work hours you are comfortable with.

  • Lyft

Are you an excellent driver? If yes, then use your skills to earn more money through Lyft. Sign up as a rideshare driver and make money. It can be evening rides or weekend rides, as long as you are free, you can earn money.


There are many income-generating activities that students can engage in. In this era, many activities take place on online platforms. As a student, you need to discover your interests and hobbies and turn them into money-making ideas.


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