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Skull And Bones – How to Harvest Acacia


You can’t just kill a captain and take his ship in Skull & Bones; you have to build the ships yourself. You will have to go out and harvest some acacia wood from neighboring islands in order to obtain something larger, which will allow you to own the first legitimate tier of boat in the game. You will learn how to harvest acacia from skull and bones in this article:

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Acacia Location

To locate acacia Take a look around and open your map. For this quest, every location where acacia may be located will be highlighted. However, you can always zoom in and see the wood indicator to help you locate them later. All of the locations near the mission location are displayed on the map below.

Skull And Bones - How to Harvest Acacia

How to Harvest Acacia

After completing your conversation with the Shipwright regarding your new vessel, you will notice that multiple new markers featuring logs have appeared on your map. You must sail in the direction of one of these markers, which show you where on the map you can find Acacia. However, make sure you have created a Saw at the Carpenter’s store before you leave Sainte-Anne.

Skull And Bones - How to Harvest Acacia

Acacia can only be harvested in this manner. Additionally, make sure your saw is on your ship rather than in your storage facility. After you find an area with Acacia, you must move as near to the coast as you can.  The acacia tree radiates more light than the surrounding trees because to its light trunk and vivid green leaves.

A “Harvest Acacia” prompt ought to show up on the screen when you approach the area along the shore where a stand of acacia trees is located. The trees can be a little picky, though, as some of them fail to display the prompt. Before I could gather any Acacia, I had to try a few different spots.

Simply keep going from marker to marker until you discover one that allows you to harvest the tree if this occurs to you. Let your saw do the work once you’re able to gather some acacia, and you’ll soon have some of the resources in your possession. You may need to visit multiple places to obtain the eight Acacia pieces required to construct your vessel.

Skull And Bones - How to Harvest Acacia

However, there are also a few sporadic Acacia logs floating in the river close to this spot. To add the resource to your inventory, just fly over them in your ship and click the interact button. Anyway, you’ll ultimately have all you need to head back to Sainte-Anne, meet the Shipwright, and begin building your new ship in Skull and Bones if you visit enough of the Acacia markers on your map.


What is acacia used for in “Skull and Bones”?

Acacia is a valuable resource used for crafting various items, including ship upgrades and equipment.

Where can I find acacia in “Skull and Bones”?

Acacia can be found growing on certain islands in the game world. Look for islands with a dense forest biome.

How do I harvest acacia in “Skull and Bones”?

To harvest acacia, approach a tree and interact with it to begin the harvesting process. You may need a specific tool, such as an axe, to harvest acacia efficiently.

Can I plant acacia trees in “Skull and Bones”?

No, acacia trees cannot be planted in the game. You can only harvest acacia from existing trees.

Are there different types of acacia in “Skull and Bones”?

Yes, there are different variants of acacia trees in the game, each yielding different amounts of resources when harvested.

Are there any tips for efficiently harvesting acacia in “Skull and Bones”?

To harvest acacia efficiently, use a sharp and durable tool like a steel axe. Also, look for clusters of acacia trees to maximize your harvest.