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Skyrim Guide – How to Buy a House (Location and Cost)


Buy a House

In the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players have the option to purchase a property. These properties include houses and farms. Players can purchase any property from Buy a House Valerius at the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood. The only requirement is that players must be level 12 or higher. After this, simply talk with him and select the “Breezehome” dialogue option, which costs 5000 gold. However, players can also choose to build a custom home from scratch if they so desire after completing the Hearthfire DLC questline.

To begin this quest line visit one of the three major cities; Whiterun (Blacksmith), Windhelm (Clothing) or Solitude (Lumber Mill). Once there, speak with the steward residing in said city. Select the “Purchase Land” dialogue option and purchase any plot of land to begin your journey. After doing so, you can build anything on your new property.

Where to buy houses in Skyrim

Breezehome (Whiterun)

Buy a House

The first house available for purchase in Skyrim is Buy a House, located in Whiterun. It is inexpensive and comes with an alchemy lab inside.

Hjerim (Windhelm)

Cost: 12,000 Gold

Location: In the North West area of the city, across from the House of Cruel-Sea, is a broad bend in the river that leads to a small village known as Bemm.

Buy a House

How to unlock: After completing the ‘Blood on the Ice’ quest in Windhelm, which you can start by visiting the graveyard past midnight, speak with Jorlief in the Palace of Buy a House to purchase it.

Honeyside (Riften)

Cost: 8000 Gold

Buy a House

Location: Take a right as you come into Riften and it’s the house at the end on the corner.

How to unlock: To become Thane in Riften, you must buy this on the road. To reach this goal, complete the skooma dealer quest (talk to Wujeeta in the Riften Fishery near the docks area to begin) and improve your reputation with Riften’s people by completing errands (run about and they’ll offer you jobs to do). Then report back to the Jarl and speak with the Steward Anuriel to purchase it.

Proudspire Manor (Solitude)

Cost: 25,000 Gold

Location: You may discover it on the street in the middle of town, next to Skyrim Faction Bards College on the city’s right ‘branch.’

How to unlock: You may acquire this after establishing your reputation as Buy a House Thane. Falk Firebeard in Solitude will request that you clear out an adjacent cave if you speak to him. After saying the horn was placed at the shrine, talk with Jarl Elisif the Fair again, and then Falk Firebeard once more, to get the chance to purchase it.

Vlindrel Hall (Markarth)

Cost: 8000 Gold

Location: Locate the house by taking the steep set of steps in the corner as soon as you enter the city. Follow the next series of steep stairs upward, and you’ll arrive at the top.

Buy a House

How to unlock: There are a few options for acquiring this land, the most simple of which is to side with the Stormcloaks in the Civil War and then talk to Jarl Thongvor Buy a House. Otherwise, travel to Understone Keep in Markarth and speak with Jarl Igmund. Earn his confidence and complete his questline, at which point Steward Raerek will sell it to you.