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How to Turn On or Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android


Wi-Fi calling is precisely what it sounds like: communicating using your internet connection rather than your mobile phone’s cellular service to make and receive calls and send messages. Nevertheless, before you can use the feature, you will need to enable it on the Android smartphone you are using. Even though AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are among the main carriers that offer Wi-Fi calling, the cost to you will vary depending on the plan that you have. Wi-Fi calling is not a deceptive way to save money or minutes; the same prices and monthly limits are in effect when using this feature. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to enable Wi-Fi calling on your Android device. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On or Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android

Your phone will automatically switch to using Wi-Fi if the cellular connection is weak, but you have the option to change this to use the cellular signal instead. Because there is so much variety in Android phones, there is no single set of instructions that will work for all of them. You may easily adjust the settings by searching for “Wi-Fi Calling” in the search bar of your device at any time.

1. Launch the app titled “Settings” on your device.

2. Depending on the Android device you are using, either select “Networks & Internet” or “Connections.”

How to Turn On or Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android

3. Choose “Mobile network” from the menu. It is possible that you can select “Wi-Fi Calling” from this menu without having to go to “Mobile network” first if your device supports this feature.

4. Choose the “Advanced” option.

5. Tap “Wi-Fi Calling.” Turn the switch on.

How to Turn On or Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android

6. Make sure that your emergency address is up to date. This will ensure that the authorities are aware of your whereabouts in the event that you phone 911. In order to protect you, your phone is programmed to ignore the Wi-Fi signal whenever there is cellular connectivity available.


Why can’t i enable Wi-Fi calling Android?

The following are some of the potential causes for a malfunctioning WiFi call: Your phone’s settings do not permit WiFi calling, so this option has been disabled. It appears that you are unable to connect to a WiFi network. When the connection to the network is strong enough to make and receive calls, your device will prioritize the network connection above the WiFi connection.

Should I enable Wi-Fi calling on my Android?

Sporadic cell service — If you have a “dead spot” in your house or workplace, WiFi calling is a fantastic alternative that you can utilise to ensure that the quality of your calls remains consistent. In most cases, the signal that you receive from your nearby Internet WiFi connection will be stronger than the signal that you receive from a cellular phone tower, which is probably located many miles away from where you are.

Why do I not have Wi-Fi calling option?

Choose the Wi-Fi calling option. If you are unable to view this option, it is likely because the network that you are using does not allow this particular feature. On some operators, you are able to use Wi-Fi calling even if you do not have a service plan. Even if your carrier doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling, you can still take advantage of this functionality by subscribing to a voice-over-IP service.

Why has Wi-Fi calling disappeared?

Check to See Whether Your Device and Network Are Supported.

If your cellular network provider does not offer Wi-Fi calling in your location, then you will not be able to use this feature. In a similar vein, your mobile service provider ought to support your use of an Android phone. To give you an example, my cellular service provider does not support Wi-Fi calling on my Google Pixel 2 XL. Check to see if your device and your network can support it.

Is Wi-Fi calling free?

In the past, the cost of phone calls made using a cellular connection was often deducted from the user’s monthly budget. The Wi-Fi calling capability operates in a comparable manner. Wi-Fi calls do not incur any additional expenses because the cost is deducted from your monthly phone subscription.