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Soon, Facebook Messenger video chats will include co-op gaming


Facebook just just revealed that you are now able to play games while you are on video calls with Messenger. On the other hand, this won’t immediately be available in all Facebook games when it launches. Facebook mentions that there are fourteen different games that are available for free play that may be played on Messenger video conversations with other people. This new functionality is compatible with iOS, Android, as well as the web, and there is no need for any installation or further configuration on your end.

According to Facebook, supported games come in a variety of categories and include both brand new games like Card Wars and Exploding Kittens and fan favorites like Mini Golf FRVR and Words With Friends. These games can be played on both mobile and desktop devices. It is interesting to notice that Facebook acknowledges that different games allow a variety of player counts, but that the vast majority of games that are supported may be played with just two players. Words With Friends, on the other hand, can only support a maximum of two players at any same time, whereas Exploding Kittens can support as many as five players simultaneously during a Messenger video conversation.

On the other hand, Facebook has plans to broaden the variety of games that can be played during Messenger video conversations; hence, you should anticipate that more games will be supported as time goes on. You might have anticipated this before. Nevertheless, Facebook has not yet disclosed when we might anticipate further games or the types of games that will be released. Start a video call in Messenger, then hit the group mode button in the middle of the screen, and then tap the play symbol to use the new Facebook Messenger function. This may be done by following these steps. You will be able to look through the game library from this location and choose a game for you and the person you are calling to play together from the available options.

The Facebook Gaming platform was discontinued not too long ago, however it does not appear that this means the corporation is finished with the gaming industry. And taking into consideration the popularity of low-intensity mobile games, whether they are played on Facebook or in iMessage, it only makes sense to enable users to play these games with their friends while they are on a call.